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Your Morning Dump… Where Wednesday’s actually a big game

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Four NBA teams have CURRENT win streaks of at least 8 straight Ws (Mavs, Celts, Heat and KNICKS!) which has apparently never happened before

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The NBA today is reviewing @Amareisreal's shove on Nene. May cost him vs BOS? Coincidentally, likely named Player of Week again on same day.

Newsday's Alan Han on Twitter

It's been a while since we could say this…. 

But Wednesday's game against the Knicks actually means something.  I mean… for December, anyway.  But still.  

The Knicks have an 8 game winning streak and Amar'e Stoudemire has scored at least 30 in all of them.  Yes, they've only beaten two winning teams in that stretch, but an 8 game win streak is an 8 game win streak.  The Knicks are 16-9, good for second in the Atlantic (4 games behind Boston) and 5th in the East (1 game out of second).  

So the Celtics need to send a little early message on Wednesday night.  They need to let the masses know that while the Knicks run is a nice little story, they're not in the C's class yet.  Knicks fans need a little check before they get a little too haughty (kinda how like I'm being right now… I know).  Paul Pierce gets it:

“They’re one of the hottest teams in the NBA,” captain Paul Pierce said. “They’re going to be a tough challenge. This is a game that could really put their season on a whole other level than it already is. So we’ve got to be aware of the energy that they’re going to bring.”

The big difference in this game might be the banged up Rajon Rondo.  He dropped 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 24 ASSISTS on NYK last time around.  Rondo's a little banged up now, though… so let's see if he can have another great game.  And let's see if they, in turn, try to turn him into more of a scorer.  Though that strategy doesn't always go well.

On Page 2:  The C's are resting up before Wednesday

The Celtics didn’t practice yesterday. They won’t practice today either.

They may win the NBA championship this season, but the title of “Hardest Working Team in Show Business” is probably out of reach. And that’s by necessity.

[…] “Absolutely,” Rivers said. “We’ve been talking about it a lot. There’s definitely been slippage. That’s why I keep getting concerned. But it’s there for sure.

“You can definitely see the difference in the way we play and the way we execute when we don’t practice.”

Guard Ray Allen understands the difficult position that schedule, age and injury have combined to create.

“Even the practices we’ve had, there’s been a problem because so many guys have been out,” he said. “But it’s still helpful any time you can practice. You get to go over things — positioning, points of emphasis. Practice is always good. Unfortunately we have to heal up in the days between these games, so Doc is somewhat in a dilemma.

“We don’t need any more injuries, so you have to try to avoid those problems. And so far we’ve been fine. Our energy’s been good.

Herald: Doc Rivers, team talking (no) practice

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay healthy.  And there's no point in going balls-to-the-wall when you've got a focused veteran team like this.  

I am a little concerned about having one practice and a shoot-around before facing the Knicks, but the Celtics aren't gonna win if they keep having practices every day and not resting.  It's not ideal, but its the best formula. 

You want KG to keep catching alley oops?  Then he's gotta take a couple of days off when he can get them.  Come back tomorrow refreshed, and then go out there Wednesday and bang with Amar'e Stoudemire and end that 30 point scoring streak. 

And don't think that's not tops on KG's list for Wednesday night.  He's looking at his man coming in setting a team record for consecutive 30 point scoring games.  He's looking at himself as leading the best defense in the league.  Something is gonna give.  

So rest those legs, KG.  Stretch that hammy, Rajon.  Get that rest now while you can.

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  • Four teams on an eight game winning streak. that’s crazy, but if u look at the stats and standings this may be the best year in the NBA competition wise. There is no longer a very huge gap between the winners and the losers.

  • The C’s and Doc both know that the Knicks and the MSG crowd will be full of energy on Wednesday. Beating the Celtics would be huge, maybe even a turning-point for that young Knicks squad. They’ll be fired-up and gunning for our boys. With Shaq most likely back and KG playing some of the best D he’s played since 2007, I think it will be a competitive game, but the C’s will come-out on top.

  • jim

    KG wants payback :
    And Shaq to :
    i respect amare he doesn’t back down unlike Bosh.
    But C’s wins by 7

  • michael

    It’s looking like 5 or even six legitimate contenders. C’s, Lakers, Spurs, Heat, Mavs, and Knicks if they add Melo.
    Utah is very solid, but they only go 6 deep plus an injured Okur. OKC and Chicago still need a few years of tweaking and experience, but they are very dangerous as well. I can’t think of many positives to say about Orlando, so I just won’t go there.
    In they end, barring major injury to our big 4, it should be C’s vs. whoever manages to successfully navigate the west. It might not be the Lakers…