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Your Morning Dump… Where Paul Pierce is a great decoy

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Pierce, who has been battling flu-like symptoms, had eight points.

"I was the decoy tonight," quipped Pierce. "I was a great decoy; one of the great decoys in this game."

[…] "It's hard to explain it," Pierce said. "But this team is on one accord. We're feeling good right now. We feel we can beat anybody, regardless of who we put out there. We're in a great rhythm out there as a team."

CSNNE: Pierce plays role of decoy

Paul was 1 of 9.  Ray was 4 of 11.  The C's two best scorers were a combined 5 of 20 for 24 points.  They were outscored by the combination of Marquis Daniels and Glen Davis (10 and 16 respectively).  But the C's cruised to the easy (and ugly) win because their team is 100% focused on one goal.  

Let's just pick another team at random and wonder aloud what would happen if their best two scorers had that kind of game….

…. oh…. let's just go with…. Miami.  No one talks about them. 

If LeBron had a 1 of 9 night to go along with DWade's 16… would he be joking about being a decoy after a 31 point win?  Would they have even won?  

No.  Most teams don't win with that kind of performance.  Most stars don't have deep rosters and stifling defense to lean on when they're off so they can joke about it later.  

Just sayin… this is a pretty deep squad that can pick up its stars.  And the C's still don't have 3 key guys.  It's only going to get better.

On Page 2: Doc’s garage is the best (expletive) garage in the business

The Celtics decided against taking Shaq for a drive again last night, giving him a second straight game off to rehab his sore right shin and calf.

“Doc does a great job of managing the old antique cars,” said O’Neal. “He does a great job. Doc’s garage is the best (expletive) garage in the business.”

O’Neal had wanted to play against the Bobcats, but he didn’t argue when the Celts chose to be cautious with an injury that first occurred Oct. 29 against New York. He expects to be able to play against the Knicks Wednesday.

Herald: Celtics notebook

The good news is that Shaq was ready to go and Doc just told him to take the day off.  Clearly, the C's didn't need him.  Pretty smart move, though, with three more days off coming up.  

Actually… yesterday was a pretty perfect day.  A lot of guys who needed rest got it.  The guys who needed more reps got them.  

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Has anyone else noticed Paul’s grab-the-knee-fake and then rush to the hoop for sneaky pass? Keep your eyes open for Paul grabbing his knee out of nowhere.

  • Stan

    Pierce has always been a good actor…we’re not complaining. I can’t say the same for Celtics haters though.

  • Goceltics

    Did he do it in the Bobcat game? If so, which quarter? What a wiley old vet. The old guys can still kick your ass. I love it.