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Rondo to KG… again… again…


Ho hum… just another Rondo to KG alley oop… with a special cameo by Michael Jordan and his jacket apparently made of the curtains from the team hotel. 

MJ… dude… got one word for you:  Mirror.  Use it, buddy.  

Unless you were trying to wear something ugly so your team looks better by contrast.  If that's the case, then kudos to you sir.  Mission accomplished.

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  • Mileke

    Are you going to post Greenlights to this game today? cause i wasnt able to see this one!

  • That was a beautifull lob. the Jacket on MJ did not look too bad. The Ctas really looked sluggish on that play. they deserved to get plastered by the Celts last night

  • jj

    Which 1 tap the ball away? KG or Rondo.
    Doesnt really matter lulz !Rondo 2 KG!

  • JD

    I love how Rondo hops with KG as he goes up for the dunk.

  • Goceltics

    MJ looked so disgusted after that one.LMAO