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Pierce channels his inner LeBron with the chasedown block


OK… it's not QUITE the LeBron-esque chasedown… but it's still good hustle out of the captain here.  And good for him for not pulling the "… meh… it's December and we're in Charlotte… I'm just gonna peel off and wait for the inbounds pass." 

I think DJ Augestin was looking for Pierce to pull off.  He didn't exactly explode to the rim.  Probably that kind of effort that got him zero points last night.

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  • DRJ

    These last 2 games are great examples of wins that would probably have been losses last season (post-December).
    This current version of the Cs is like a brand new team, just about the OPPOSITE of last year’s. Seems like they wanna win just to win….. unlike last season when it was all about ‘saving it’ for the playoffs. I like this team a lot better. Why? Because winners win, and losers lose. Even if they are “saving it”… losing is in some ways inevitably habit-forming.
    And besides, this could very well be their last year together (what with the lockout), so I believe they’re going all the way this time, with ANY kind of reasonable health. And…. I don’t see a Game 7 happening in ’11.