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Your Morning Dump… Big Baby’s transformation


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

He had 17.9 percent of his shots swatted away, according to the number-crunching advanced metrics website,

Davis used that fact, of course, for motivation. You’ve got to learn from that,’’ Davis said. “That’s not a good stat.’’

He looked at undersized power forwards such as Corliss Williamson, who played below the rim and excelled for 12 seasons in the league, winning a title in 2004 with the Detroit Pistons. This season, Davis’s percentage of shots blocked has dived to 5.2, while his field goal percentage has jumped from 43.7 to 49.8.

“The motivation is to get better, to learn how to finesse it, make sure that you don’t get your shot blocked,’’ Davis said. “Use your body, make sure they can’t get to your shot.’’

“He’s finishing a lot better,’’ Rivers said. “He gets in those stages where he tries to draw fouls. We tell him to make the big do his job. If they’re going to block your shot, let them block your shot. Just try to make the basket.

“Last year, the double pumps and falling backwards trying to draw fouls, no ref was going to call [that]. This year he’s just going in hard through people and he’s trying to make the layup, and if they call it, it’s a 3-point play. I think it’s a better focus, and it’s better for him.’’

Globe – Davis rejects that notion

I wouldn't think Corliss Williamson would be a role model for anyone hoping to achieve elite status in the NBA, but whatever Glen Davis did (and is doing) is working.

His desire for rebounding the ball is remarkable. He attacks the basket voraciously (insert food analogy here). And now that he's figure out how to get the shot off, he's become a viable scoring threat down low.

If he keeps up this evolution, I don't see why he can't be this team's power forward of the future.

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On Page 2, the reality show that is the Celtics.

“We definitely have personalities,” coach Doc Rivers said. “I mean, we are a reality show, literally.”

In one corner of the dressing room, Shaq could be talking about anything from flagrant fouls to global nuclear disarmament.

Thursday night in Philadelphia, Davis said after his 16-point performance with an incredulous look:

“How does Big Baby do it? How does he do it?”

Marquis Daniels discussed how one of the ballboys looked like Adam Sandler.

Paul Pierce smiled and shook his head.

Herald – Focused Celtics having a ball

Like we've said many times this season, as long as this team continues to win, the personalities and fun-loving nature won't be a problem.

While we're only 22 games into the season, I'm going to go public with something I told John the other night… I'm convinced this team is winning the championship. They're too good, too deep and too focused.

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  • No doubt about it. davis has made great strides this season as seen by his play. he has shown to be a worthy successor to Kevin Garnett

  • Zerb

    I think alot of people (like my dad) don’t remember Big Baby in college. I started watching him back at LSU. And he was the best player & star of that team which I belive made the Final Four. He was also SEC Player Of The Year. So I have aways felt that this kind of play was well within his reach.

  • I had almost forgotten how many times I had grimaced last season after seeing yet another BBD shot attempt near the rim getting soundly rejected. Yes, this has been THE major improvement in his game this season. Come to think of it, this year’s Celtics don’t seem to get hardly any at all of their shots blocked. Maybe that has something to do the intelligent style of ball they are playing and maybe just a little bit to do with Perkins still being out… Can we get a team stat and ranking for that?

  • ShawnCVD

    Remember the only room for one undersized big on this team talks in 2008-2009? Love ya Powe, and I wish him nothing but alll the best, but Ainge chose right.
    I always preferred Davis because he demonstrably would do what Doc and KG was telling him. And though undersized a quick WIDE body like that is rare. Now he’s in the discussion for sixth man of the year. Go Big Baby!!!!