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Your Morning Dump… Where that play never worked for the C’s before


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"We worked on that last week and the whole timing of it was off," Rivers said. "We tried to run it earlier in the year and we had bad timing. It's just funny how things work out. It was a low clock, the ball was in our best player's hand, we have shooters on the floor. The whole sell was to Paul — he sets the fake pick, then Kevin [sets a real one]. It worked and it was good that it worked.

"We can do [the lob] now. Last year, Kevin would have missed the lob. Or we wouldn't have thrown the lob," Rivers said.

[…]"I've messed that play up so many times in practice, that it's only right that the basketball gods gave it to me tonight," Garnett said.

ESPN Boston: Game-winning lob makes a statement

The whole point of that story is actually how KG is healthy now and that's the reason why the Celtics could run that play for him. 

I said last night on Twitter and I'll repeat it here:  You always have to watch the inbounder on the out-of-bounds play.  Players have been taught that from day one.  But Philly was SO preoccupied with not letting Paul or Ray get the ball… or not letting Rondo get to the hole… that they just switched on everything.  That left a point guard to pick up KG… making the lob easy.

By the way… anyone else notice Doc saying "the ball was in our best player's hands" about Rondo setting up the play? 

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On Page 2: Pierce still thinks Antoine can play

“I think he’s still young enough,” said Pierce. “He still has something in the tank. He’s taking the necessary steps to try to get back i    n. He’s in the D-League to show teams what he’s got. He just has to find his place right now.”

Referring to Walker’s financial troubles, Pierce said, “It’s very humbling. I just hope that the guys around me kind of see this as an example. It can come and go fast. It’s happened to a lot of players.”

Herald:  Celtics notebook

Antoine played OK in his D-League debut.  So it's POSSIBLE he'll find some work.  Maybe a 10-day contract down the road… or an injury replacement or something.  

I'm more impressed with Pierce seeing Antoine's financial problems as an example.  So often, guys blow that kind of thing off in a "it won't happen to me" kinda way.   Of course, part of me wonders if he meant anything by the "I hope the guys around me" line… as in an "I've seen some of these guys blow money, they need to know it can all go away" kinda way.  I don't think so…. but I got that twinge.

I've still got a soft spot for 'Toine… I hope he figures something out.

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  • I think Doc referred to Rondo as “our best passer” on that quote but I could be wrong.

  • Steve

    I think there is some truth to Doc’s comment about Rondo, I also think it is his way of continuing to build Rondo’s confidence. There is a lot less talk about Rondo’s lack of leadership this year and more talk about how critical he is to the team’s success. If he could gain some confidence in his jump shot he would be unstoppable.

  • theW

    Just reading a few posts this morning and it dawned on me how much I love this site!
    Found you guys a couple of years back after being transplanted from Boston to Knoxville, Tennessee and you’ve been one of my strongest daily links back to the town I love.
    Thanks for the hard work! Go C’s!

  • Classless

    I find it ironic Antoine, not long ago, was throwing his oversized ring he got riding Wade and Shaq’s coat tails in Pierce’s face. Now, 1 championship and 1 additional Finals appearance later, Pierce is still going strong and ‘Toine is eating Ramen noodles.

  • Steve

    That’s harsh…I think Antoine and Pierce will always have a mutual respect for each other. They were the tandem that gave us hope after several bad seasons.

  • Thank you very much!!

  • Wootay

    I agree with theW. Best Celtics Blog ever. Again showing love from MD!! Theres not a day I do not check this site!!