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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo didn’t look right


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According to ESPN Stats and Information, the Celtics were 27-of-42 (64.2 percent) from the field over the 30 minutes 6 seconds that Rondo was on the floor Wednesday, accumulating 20 assists (13 of which belonged to Rondo) and finishing at plus-20 in the plus/minus during that span. Without Rondo, Boston was a mere 11-of-26 (42.3 percent) with only six assists and a minus-4.

Rondo could be seen stretching at the end of the Boston bench in the second half, trying to loosen up as he battles a sore left hamstring and plantar fasciitis. He looked a half-step slow defensively, which the Nuggets exploited with dribble-drive penetration (particularly in the first half). Rivers said he was unaware of any injury that might have cropped up, noting that team trainer Ed Lacerte would alert him on the plane to Philadelphia if there was something to be concerned about.

ESPN Boston

Amazing how Rondo can be visibly hampered by injury, yet still dominate offensively.

Early in the game, Rondo drove into the paint and was swallowed up by a swarm of bodies. He disappeared from our view in Section 20. And then… bang. A crisp pass is delivered to Ray Allen for an open three pointer.

I'd put the chances of Rondo playing tonight vs Philly at 20%. I'd even sit him for Saturday night's game vs Charlotte. That will give him a week off before next Wednesday's game vs the Knicks.

On Page 2, KG talks with George Karl about his "cancer" comment.

He didn’t issue an apology to Charlie Villanueva, or admit to telling the bald Detroit Pistons forward he looked “like a cancer patient” back on Nov. 2, but Kevin Garnett felt bad enough about perception that he tried to set the matter straight with George Karl after last night’s Celtics [team stats]’ 105-89 victory at the Garden.

The Denver Nuggets coach survived a harrowing bout with throat cancer, after recovering from prostate cancer in 2005.

"I went up to him as a man and said I had nothing personal toward him or any other cancer patients that was out there struggling, dealing with life situations,’’ said Garnett.

“I wanted to say that to him, man to man. I was going to do it before the game, but I (decided) to get the game out of the way, and then approach him.”

“It was very good,” Karl said. “He was a man about it, and I appreciate him taking the time to do it. Kevin is one of my favorite people in this league.”

Herald – Garnett sets things straight

Class move by KG.

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  • Shawna

    Very classy on KG’s part and it was obviously appreciated.
    Rondo did have moments where he wasn’t looking that great last night so I’d sit him for the next couple of games too.

  • TJames

    Sit this kid for the next week. He needs to get back to 100%.

  • Stan

    I don’t see any reason in starting Rondo against Philly/Bobcats. This is the time to let the rookies gain some experience and to rest the injured. I have a good feeling that we’ll need Bradley and Harangody’s instant offense during the playoffs. I just hope Doc will play them.

  • Mileke

    Yesss this is perfect time to rest RONDO… and i suspect, though i’m not a doctor that he’ll be very close if not 100% when he gets back at the end of next week… the next 2 games we are very capable of winning without him, so rest him while you can…. and KG, when it was caught on the camera last night, i choked up just a little bit, cause not only did DOC and KG go overthere, but there were a line of celtics waiting to encourage him… and for KG to acknowledge him man to man is wonderful.. he didnt have to say anything because he owes nobody an explanation, but for him to go up to him man to man is very mature, and my respect for GARNETT has totally skyrocketed for that Anyways, i would love to see VON, and the rookies more…. so lets go C’s open up a big lead early tonight !

  • HighOnHeadband
    I think this is the pass you were talking about where Rondo got swallowed up and passed it out to Ray. Unbelievable pass.