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Recap: The pick-and-roll alley-oop game winner


Another masterful play drawn up by Doc Rivers.

With the Celtics trailing 101-100 with 6 seconds left in the game, Rajon Rondo (19 points, 14 assists) lofted a perfect pass to Kevin Garnett (14 points, 6 rebounds) for the game winning lay-up.

The play started with Garnett setting a screen on Jrue Holiday. The Philly defenders switched on the play, leaving the 6-4 Holiday guarding KG. Garnett rolled to the hoop and Rondo easily lobbed the ball over the much smaller Holiday. Why would the 76ers switch on Rondo? The odds of him shooting a jumper there are almost zero.

Kudos to Tommy Heinsohn for calling the alley-oop during the final timeout.

The odds were stacked against the Celtics in this one. No Shaq (calf). Paul Pierce fighting a head cold. Second night of back-to-back. None of it mattered. They gutted out the win. Last year's Celtics team does not win this game.

Offensive rebounding (15) and three point shooting (9-19) kept the 76ers in this game.

You might remember that I predicted Rajon Rondo would sit out this game. He played 47 minutes.

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"This is a pretty well officiated game." – Tommy Heinsohn

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  • Goceltics

    Game should have never been that close. Oh well, a win is a win. Looking forward to the game on Christmas Day.

  • Classless

    Genius final play and even better execution. Thankfully, it made Pierce getting his ankles broken by Iggy irrelevant.


    Cheers for that! Didn’t see the game in NZ. Great job Celtics!

  • Mileke

    @GoCeltics, Its a good thing we even won this game, we had a rookie starting, a sick captain, a sick 6th man, a star point guard battling injuries, so is most of our bench, we’re tryna battle the sickness thats going through BOSTON, we tryna stay away from the injury bug also, i think we had a 9-man rotation, we really should have been blown out, especially with the way they played tonight, and our lack of intensity, or energy, we were on a second night of a back to back, so i say you cant even ask for a better win….. when we get Perk, JO, and Delonte back, trust games will be this close very rarely! By the way The CELTICS have something to prove, they’ve been focused, they havent lost focus one time this season, they always fight, we havent had anyone beat us by more than 7 points i think, yet we blow out teams left and right, and soon as we win a close one, fans are unsatisfied, we should be happy with this Celtics squad, cause last years Celtic squad wouldve lost that one in the 2Q! Go C’s, Bobcats next, and lets keep the Streak going, 9 in a row!!!! And Most of All They Never Look for Excuses To Loose This Season!

  • Wow! Longtime no see..good to see you posting again man.

  • Shocked that Rajon played. I guess he was playing that limp up a bit for the crowd/cameras last night. We got KILLED on the glass all night, but in the final quarter, Pierce just took over the rebounding duties. I really have to say that from jump street when Semih and Davis got into foul-trouble I thought we were doomed. But a team as good as the C’s will find ways to win and make big plays/stops/shots when it counts. We went into Philly, took their money and snuck out the back door. Nice.

  • Joe_Klein

    47 Minutes for Rondo. Need to get Avery some minutes or let Nate run it. At least give them a chance.

  • TJames

    Also thought the officiating was great tonight. Great win

  • Lee in Oregon

    The C’s pride themselves on out-of-bounds plays with time running out, and tonite was genious. Nice job by Pierce too, he was the perfect decoy.
    Jermaine has to get back soon though, watching Elton Brand tonite was more painful than whatever JO’s going through.

  • Yes. Brand killed us. JO and Perk will be HUGE and once all 3 of them (Shaq) are healthy…whoa.

  • Goceltics

    I think sometimes we get spoiled as Celtic fans. We want 20 point blowouts all the time. You are right about this years team. No Excuses. Also games like this give our role players a chance to step up. How about Big Baby with the bunny with little time left.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    At the end, a win is a win.
    But our bench is struggling too much, forcing Doc to play starters a lot. Thank God KG is in good shape, ‘cos Rondo did basically not play defense last night and Pierce seemed to to have a gearshift less than the other players throughout all the game.
    Go C’s!!

  • Mileke

    Yesss the bench has been a little dissapointing, but can we as fans really be mad? We have to change our rotation once a week, & little do we know, that hurts, Glen Davis and Nate Rob has been the only ones thats been consistent, and thats cause they play the same roll every night, but its hard when your bench is switching positions every night, according to matchups, or injuries, I would also like to say i would love to see Von Wafer minutes go up, these last 3 games he has been hot, but Doc wont let him play, and i really dislike that, When you look at the 2nd quarter today, you’ll see that when he, nate, and rondo were on the floor, we were getting any and everything we wanted, same as Denver game too! Play VON more please! by the Way ilovee Doc and his coaching, so best believe im not putting him down, maybe i just see something, he dont!

  • Goceltics

    The sixers flat out, out banged the C`s on the boards this game. Doc was not happy about that. Good win however, there is always room for improvement. There is nothing wrong with setting high standards