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Wanted: Anyone with a pulse that can play ball

Are you a living, breathing human being?

Are you capable of bouncing an orange ball rapidly and toss it into a small cylinder from great distances? 

Are you free, say, tomorrow and Thursday night? 

Then the Celtics could use you.  Because a lot of the guys they have that normally can do that… can't do that at the moment.

The Celtics ran through an 75-minute session without the benefit of seven players as Rajon Rondo (hamstring, feet), Shaquille O'Neal (calf), Glen Davis (illness), Nate Robinson (personal matter), Jermaine O'Neal (knee),Delonte West (wrist), and Kendrick Perkins (knee) were all absent from full-team drills. 

Asked who of that group might not be available for Wednesday's game against the Denver Nuggets, Rivers half-joked, "Maybe all of them." The situation isn't quite that dire, but it's not great either. Jermaine O'Neal, West, and Perkins are obviously out with long-term injuries, but here's a glance at the others:

Chris Forsberg runs down all the injuries specifically so go check it out.  I'd put them up here, but we're only paying for so much web space and listing all the C's ills would put us over the limit.

Better now than later, I suppose.  

Just keep Rondo healthy.  Keep him out a week or two if you have to.

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  • Doop

    Shaq, Jermaine, Nate, Glen, Rondo, Delonte, and Kendrick? Jesus…that could almost be a team of its own.

  • thetitleisours

    Tiny Gallon to the rescue! lol

  • Kvasek

    Well, I have got tickets for Denver, so they better be ready to go, regardless of who will play.