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Happy Birthday Larry!

RedsArmyAdmin December 7, 2010 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Happy Birthday Larry!

Bird cooler

It's Larry Bird's birthday today… happy 54th Larry!

We didn't know what to get him.  I mean… he's probably got all he wants.  So we figured we'd get him something with his face or name on it.  So we cruised through eBay and found a few cool things.  

Like this cooler, for instance.  We know Larry likes his beer… and this Bird "Puppet Kooler" cools TWO 12 ounce cans at once.  Only $19.99 right now but the auction ends at noon.

Bird ornament

Hey, it's almost Christmas… and what better way to decorate than with a tree full of Larry Bird ornaments?  This auction is one of many.  As of right now, this one is only $1.  Personally, I think Larry Bird should be the angel on top of the tree.

Bird dunk toy

One thing Larry Bird was know for was…… ummm…… uhhhh….. dunking?

Well, whatever.  How great would this reminder of Larry's youth be sitting on his mantle?  Right now, it's only $161. (Only?  Yeesh)

Bird Indina State poster

This is a classic poster from Bird's college days which features two Indiana State cheerleaders who have apparently discovered a secret about Bird's penis.  Or maybe they don't want us to tell their moms what they're about to do in Larry's dorm room.  (Seriously… Larry wants you to keep it quiet)

Whatever it is… the bid on this Larry poster is only $7.99 right now.

Bird pin

Yes, that's Larry Bird… but in lapel pin form.  It would be perfect for the next team meeting.  Larry could walk into his office and just yell "how many of you jerks have a lapel pin made of you??  None??  Ok, now shut up and take notes."  I'd pay $2.99 for that to happen.  (Or $5 for this one)

Bird switch plate

Just like Bird lit up our lives as Celtics fans, this Bird light switch plate can help light up any room in the house.  However, unlike his uniform color might suggest, this is not a very "green" gift because if the switch is like Larry at all…. it's always "on".  Not bad for $5.  And it's better than this homemade lamp someone is passing off.

Bird matches

Did you know Larry once owned a hotel?  He might not either.  But this matchbook will serve not only as a reminder of Larry always being on fire… it's a reminder of failed business ventures of the past.  $3 for the matchbook… but I'm sure the memories are priceless.

Bird pillow

Birthdays can be exhausting.  So when Larry is done partying, he can curl up with himself.  He can turn out the light… turn to himself and say "Good night, Larry…" … and then in a ventriloquist voice out of the corner of his mouth he can make the pillow say "good night, Larry" and drift off to restful slumber… all for the low price of $39.99.

Happy Birthday, Legend.

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  • Robby C

    Thankfully for my wife my employer blocks eBay because we would be having Larry Bird ornaments on our tree and dunking Larry on the mantle in no time.

  • Steve

    Larry’s hotel/restaraunt was great! I was there a couple times….you could get a certificate if you hit 3 free throws in a row while you waited for your food.

  • greenbeand

    damn I was hoping he was giving us Danny Granger,
    Happy b/day Larry

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m proud to say I have the Larry Bird Christmas ornament on my tree right now. When it’s not Christmas, Larry hangs from the light fixture in our parlor. I have the Magic one too but he only comes out at XMAS.
    That last “dolly” in the photos looks like Larry had a baby with George Washington.
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Cool stuff. I’ve always liked Larry Buird. he was slow and not very athletic, but he schooled guys that were quicker and more athletic than he was. they say that there will never be a another Michael jordan, but what should be said is that they will never be another Larry Bird.

  • Larry Legend

    I’ve got that ornament also. I think I got it one year as a stocking stuffer. One of the few things I still have..

  • larry

    my very first basketball game, i took my dad to see the c’s play the warriors jan. 02, 1981..c’s were riding a twelve game winning streak..c’s lost the game…but went on to win thirteen straight.!did i mention that was the only game bird never scored a point.!

  • Kings

    “However, unlike his uniform color might suggest, this is not a very “green” gift because if the switch is like Larry at all…. it’s always “on”.”
    That might have been the best injection of puns into a sentence I have ever witnessed.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Great story, Larry. ’81 was a blast. I’m confused though, you took your dad to your 1st game or he took you?

  • larry

    i took him..i mean i paid for the tickets..

  • Freddie Abuda

    thanks but I’d rather have larry’s mcfarlane action figs