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The Association: Boston Celtics, Part I

Flat out awesome.

The segment on Rondo made me giddy.

The segment on Delonte choked me up.

The segment on Havlicek brought goosebumps…

"In my 8 years in the NBA, this might be the craziest team I've been on…" – Kendrick Perkins.

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  • lainok

    Last year I thought it was cool when they did this “Association” thing with my Lakers. I just wish they had done it as well as the Celtics one was done. Whoever the people are they pulled together to film and produce this one, they did a much better job. You really got a personal feel for the individual players, where for the Laker one it came off more like a standard “NBA behind the scenes” thing. I wish my team hadn’t gone first.

  • That was awesome to watch. They showed what a personable team this is and how much fun they are to support. The KG/Rondo connection was interesting to see. I agree, the DWest bit was hard, makes me want him to recover even more. Perkins was excellent in his interviews, he is more loose than he appears. Looking forward to the next one. Will they re-air Part 1? I couldn’t find it myself..

  • I feel like I could watch this daily.

  • fick

    Happy I got to watch this yesterday after the game. It as fantastic. Just made me loves these guys more than I already do.. Something I didn’t think was possible.
    Very much looking forward to the next one.

  • Goceltics

    Thanks for posting this clip,Freakin awesome.

  • DRJ

    Last season, I concluded that I could never forgive this team their Finals Game 6, the way they threw it away, the way it seemed as though they TRIED to lose it. Now this great, great video comes along…. and I think…. maybe that team just made a mistake.
    THIS group of guys — the group that’s there now, WITHOUT Rasheed(!) — would never blow a Finals game like they did last summer. Not only is the dynamic very different now (because of the new faces) but the guys that were there for that horrible penultimate game have clearly learned their lesson: You just don’t do that. Not EVER. You never know what can happen in a single game, and it doesn’t matter that you are the best team.
    Yes, what happened in Game 6 was unforgivable, at the time. But that was then. And that was a different bunch of guys. This team, right now, would never repeat that experience. They’re absolutely determined to win it all this time. This time, I think they really are worth supporting. Yeah… I think they are.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I spent the two deepest years of my life in Boston, graduating at Berklee.
    Boston is in my blood before than in my heart, and my love for the Celtics comes from a feeling of belonging to a city where I left a big piece of my heart years ago.
    And still, after years, I cannot get over it. Still, I can’t help but shred a tear when dealing with Boston.
    I knew I was gonna cry watching this video. And it’s beautiful, ‘cos I feel alive more then ever.
    Go Boston, go Celtics.

  • ShawnCVD

    Welcome back DR