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Your Morning Dump… Where KG doesn’t want Doc going anywhere

Doc and KG
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“The thing about Doc is, you know where he’s coming from,” Kevin Garnett said. “There is no gray area. It is what is. He’s going to tell you straight up. At the same time he’s not here to beat you down. Very, very confident coach. Builds a lot of confidence in his players, at the same time he can be difficult. He can be hard and if you don’t have the personality to take it… But I love him. I love him.” 

[…] “I told Danny [Ainge], the day you all get rid of Doc, I’ll tip my hat to the Boston area and the Boston fans,” Garnett said. 

WEEI/Flannery: Why Doc Rivers is the perfect coach for the Celtics

I've said it before… this situation is perfect for everyone in the organization.  Doc is by no means a perfect coach… and he'll tell you that.  But he is, as P.Flanns wrote, perfect for this team.  

I think the one thing that highlights why this is true is that quote right there from KG.  This team is full of guys who understand his personality and who can take what Doc is dishing out.  And if there is anyone on the team that CAN'T take what Doc is dishing, those players who can will be able to intervene and explain what's going on. 

This is who, and how Doc Rivers is.  This is also why it doesn't work very well with young players who are still way too arrogant and cocksure for their own good.  The "tell it like it is" mentality doesn't always fly with a team full of 23 year-olds who just want to make Sportscenter.  

But with the vets… especially a guy who is as focused on his craft as KG… it's exactly what they need and want.  A guy like KG who, as we've seen, preys on weakness, needs to know the guy coaching him is 100% confident in what he's saying and doing.  A guy like Ray Allen, who is as obsessive about what he does needs to know that there is someone in control.  And a guy like Paul Pierce, who has suffered through ups and downs, and his own personality issues, needs to know there is someone who understands.

Doc is all those things and more.  The last part of KG's quote… the tipping his cap to Boston when Doc goes… scares me a little when you think about how close Doc seemed to be from leaving town this past summer.  I can only hope both guys stick around for at least a couple more years.

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via Chris Forsberg

"Laker-Minnesota days….. you remember"

Love this team.  I can't wait to see this thing.  Episode one airs tonight at 7pm. on ESPN before the C's-Bulls game.

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  • NineSevenEight

    Scal gave a great interview on Toucher and Rich today. They asked him about Noah’s comments on KG and Scal endorsed his intensity every game even after Noah’s comments. Said he told his Bull’s teammates that they need to approach the game the same way KG is: playing for a championship rather that trying to be friends with guys. Loved it.

  • That’s a great bit from Scal.
    I don’t believe KG is all that serious with that statement. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part but I’ll leave it at, ‘I get his point’. Doc is perfect for this team and you make great points in the post. You could also add his experience as a ‘floor general PG’ to be perfect to help Rondo along.
    Love this team. I’m anxious to see how this ESPN series plays out. Let’s hope it isn’t/wasn’t a distraction to the players.