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LeBron’s return can’t beat LeBron’s debut

LeBron's debut was a huge splash… setting ratings records for TNT as the Heat opened up in Boston.

But with LeBron going back to Cleveland and everyone expecting…. well…  no one quite knew what to expect… the promise of further ratings gold was there. 

And it delivered, somewhat.  LeBron's return to the Q got TNT's second highest rating of the season.

I bring this up not in the "We're so awesome, everyone wants to watch us" manner.  I bring this up in the "Boston is a huge market that transcends even the most overhyped melodrama that can be conjured up" manner. 

Seriously… was there any more overblown story this season so far than LeBron going back to Cleveland?  Yet it couldn't be the LeBron debut against Boston.  And because Boston adds so much to the ratings… broadcast partners WANT teams like Boston to be a part of the picture.  

And what the broadcast partners want… David Stern wants.  Because money makes everyone happy.

Just tossin' that out there for the conspiracy theorists to chew on.  

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  • jessecolognesi@gmail.com

    Yeah, but if the Cleveland game was first, that would have got higher ratings than either of these games. Just sayin’.

  • Jon with no H

    but for a conspiracy theorist that logic only proves that Stern would want to draw out every Boston playoff series as long as possible to make the most money.
    for an older team like the C’s, this is not exactly advantageous