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KG, Rondo dominate Bulls

KG watching Gino
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KG dropped 20 and 17 (he had 16 & 11 at the half)… and Rondo had 12 points and 19 assists as the C's went wire-to-wire to beat the Bulls 104-92. 

It was a tight game at the half, but the C's outscored Chicago 29-19 in the 3rd to put a little daylight between them and Chicago.  Chicago made a little run in the 4th… but Paul Pierce (18 pts, 50% shooting) scored 8 straight to keep the Bulls at bay. 

One note:  Rondo slipped in the 3rd quarter and went down clutching his knee… but he stayed in the game.  Doc later said Rondo might have tweaked the hamstring… so we'll have to keep an eye on that.

That's 6 in a row and another win to keep pace with the similarly hot Orlando Magic.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m liking the way they stayed focused and held the lead in the 2nd half. Great team effort tonite. The Quisy resurgance continues.

  • jared

    Great game, great win.
    Anyone else almost sh*t their pants when Rondo caught his knee up?

  • Alex

    I almost fainted.


    KG has got bounce!! Reminded me today of when he used to clean every defensive board when he was in Minny…Think he just ticked off another on his bucket list of assholes he wanted to make pay this season.

  • The two man play from Rondo and KG has been really inspiring this year. They are probably the duo with the best chemistry in the NBA this year, connecting on alley oops about 2 or 3 times a game. Unfortunately, I do expect Rondo to fall a little short of Stockton’s record, but with the change of pace the game has undergone even 13.5 assists a game may be more impressive than Stockton’s 14.54. Tonight, KG looked better than he EVER has as a Celtic. Remind me when I reach the wrong side of 30 to ask what these guys in Boston are drinking.

  • rondo 2 kg

    Anyone else hear that Sheed was in the Celtic’s locker room during the game? Could be a nice signing come February.

  • Yep. right here. almost lost it


    why?? we don’t need him = I’d rather have Erden backing up Shaq and Jermaine and Perk than Wallace again…

  • Mauritz

    Yeah, I’d much rather have Erden as well. And with Perk and (hopefully) JO coming back there won’t even be playing time for Semih…

  • Mauritz

    If Rondo blows out his knee, it takes this season with it. I was REALLY worried there…