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Phil Jackson is kind of a dick

Phil jackson

Phil Jackson might be the Zen Master… but he's also a bit of a dick.  

He'll never pass up a chance to take a shot at someone.  A few days ago, he tossed gasoline onto the Miami Heat mess.  Now he's just flat out being douchy about Rudy Tomjanovich's nomination to the Hall of Fame:

Lakers coach Phil Jackson said that it was "wonderful" that former Rockets and Lakers coach Rudy Tomjanovich was nominated for induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Jackson offered a less-than-enthusiastic endorsement.

Asked if he thought Tomjanovich was deserving, Jackson said, "We'll see. I'm not on that committee. I like all the coaches to get a chance to go in."

Jackson agreed with the argument that the Rockets' championships were tainted because Michael Jordan was out of the league for the first of their title seasons and much of the next.

"Definitely," Jackson said. "Without a doubt. Clearly, if the Bulls were whole, we would have won. It's pretty much registered by now. When Michael played, we won the championship."

Keep in mind… Rudy is currently an assistant for Phil.  I'm sure he appreciates the show of support.  And as for the "we would have won" comments?  Nothing is guaranteed.  The smug dismissal of Rudy's accomplishments is classless.

Great guy, that Phil.  He and the Lakers… they're a perfect fit.

Via Matt Moore

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  • fick

    Ugh. I hate this Yeti.

  • PP > Kobe

    Zen Master or Dick?

  • PP > Kobe

    Zen Master or Dick?

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    And if you take away the refs Phil’s Lakers don’t win a single title. Phil is an overrated coach and an underrated dickhead.

  • Nora

    He is a smug jackass. If I wanted to be like him I would say he was nothing without Jordan and now Kobe.

  • Ben

    If Jordan plays Houston doesn’t win, but if Jackson is coaching any other team in the league then he doesn’t win. Right place right time, too bad he’s a prick,

  • jared

    #1 Phil Jackson is an epic douchebag.
    #2 I disagree completely with the assertion the Bulls would have won. Those were excellent Rockets teams, and Hakeem playing at his best, for those who were lucky enough to see him, was one of the best centers of all time.
    3# Phil Jackson is not Zen. Outdated feminine hygiene products cannot achieve transcendance.
    (I mean come the fuck on man. The guys on your friggin staff for cryin out loud!)

  • green8teen

    it’s great the lakers are on a 4 game losing streak because it shuts up all the no-life laker trolls. you know they’d have something to say about this.
    but come on, we all knew phil is a douche. this is nothing new. remember his sweet “X” hat? guy is such a clown.

  • Champ

    If you watch the video of the interview, he is clearly joking in a sarcastic manner and joking/smiling with the reporters. Not serious.
    Tomjanovich is currently a scout for the Lakers and is definitely not an assistant to Phil.
    Though the 4 game win streak is a little disconcerting at the moment, its a damn long season and I sure do hope we meet you guys in June.

  • Nora

    If he was not like this all the time I would agree but this is the type of thing Phil Jackson says all the time. You don’t let someone quote something like that if you are joking around either.

  • Nora

    You just don’t say it even if he was trying to joke about it.

  • Nick

    One of me and my brothers all-time biggest debates, i loved Karl Malone as a kid and being the front runner douche-bag that he is he loved the Bulls. BVut one thing the Bulls never dealt with was an elite big man post player in his prime like Olajuwon, especially once they added Clyde Drexler that became a really devastating squad in 94-95. Ewing and Shaq never posed the kind of problems Hakeem would have gave them in a 7 game series. wjat a piece of crap jackson is, coach a team with out the best player in the league like Jordan and shaq were in their primes. what a prick. He even sold out Kobe when he was on trial 4 rape. CLASSLESS

  • Goceltics

    He has to be a prick, coaching all of those big Egos. Phil likes to play mind games with people. Don’t let him get in your head. Lol. Lakers are going down baby!

  • theW

    Dick Master

  • Let’s all put out biases aside and calm down. It’s pretty clear that he was just giving his buddy the business, as he’s known to do.
    If Doc Rivers said the same thing, in a joking manner, all of you would be typing: “OMG LIKE LOLZ! SO FUNNY! ROFLERSZ! COACH!!!”
    This is all about who you like as opposed to what the truth is.

  • green8teen

    track record.

  • PPsucks

    LOL!!!!you guys just all mad cause hes betterthan Red

  • PPsucks

    Its pathetic really…..MJ wasnt winning before PJ got there……Shaq and Kobe werent winning before PJ got there….so STFU……its more like Doc wouldnt have won without the Big 3…..Doc Rivers is overrated