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C’s starting 5 all in NBA’s top 50

The Sporting News got 76 current and former players, coaches and GM's to compile a list of the NBA's top 50 players.  The Celtics are the only team in the NBA to have its entire starting 5 on the list.

Paul Pierce is the highest at No. 14. Rajon Rondo is 16, Kevin Garnett is 20, Ray Allen is 25 and Shaquille O'Neal is 35. Rondo made the biggest leap, as he was 38th a year ago but moved up 22 spots. Memphis' Zach Randolph was the next-biggest improvement, going from unranked to 29th.

I'm thrilled that the C's got all 5 guys on the list… but I'm pretty sure Shaq at 35 is a bit of a reach.  Higher than Boozer, Al Jefferson and Brook Lopez?  I really don't think so.  And higher than Gerald Wallace and John Wall?  

I'm sorry, Shaq.  You've been great for this team.  You're playing as well as we could expect.  However, that ranking is a little bit of a stretch. 

For what its worth, here's the top 10 (previous ranking in parentheses):

1. Kobe Bryant, SG, Lakers (1) 
2. LeBron James, SF, Heat (2) 
3. Dwyane Wade, SG, Heat (3) 
4. Kevin Durant, SF, Thunder (21) 
5. Dwight Howard, C, Magic (4) 
6. Carmelo Anthony, SF, Nuggets (9) 
7. Dirk Nowitzki, SF, Mavericks (8) 
8. Deron Williams, PG, Jazz (12) 
9. Steve Nash, PG, Suns (11) 
10. Pau Gasol, PF, Lakers (17)

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  • green8teen

    someone tell me how bosh managed to move up in these rankings.

  • green8teen

    also, not sure if this is how they measured it, but bogut is the highest ranked person who was unranked last year.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Whoever made that list is both high and related to Steve Nash.

  • i didnt see artest in there, i hate the guy and all but he’s a top 50 player. and way better than hedu vince and gilbert arenas. come on now.
    the list severely undervalues defense, for my money a guy like shane battier, the best wing defender in the league and kendrick perkins the best post defender in the league are better players than the steph currys and john walls of the world who put up stats on bad teams

  • KG falls 13 spots though clearly he is a better player this year than last year.

  • Nora

    Which is why the list is a joke