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Give Bill Russell a damn statue!!

Give russell statue

Professional sports mean the world to Bostonians.  Athletes are revered.  The greatest of the great athletes are Gods.  Larry Bird would be carried around Boston if he wanted to be.

Yet the greatest winner this city has ever seen…  the man who led the most successful of our franchises… one of the most successful franchises in all of SPORTS… has yet to be properly honored.  

Bill Russell is statue-less in Boston.  Nothing honoring the man appears at the Garden.  It's a travesty.  And it's a travesty that needs to be rectified immediately.  Our buddy Paul Flannery eloquently makes the case in the new issue of Boston Magazine (on newsstands now!).  And the case goes beyond just honoring the ultimate winner and fearless warrior for equal rights.

This isn’t about Russell, or even the Celtics, although they are the caretakers of their history. This is about us.  The city of Boston has been known toget defensive about the old days. “We’re past that” is the operative phrase. Well, if that’s true, what better way to show it than by embracing this complex, fascinating, and proud man in some tangible way?

It's a fantastic piece and a fantastic effort.  It's something this city definitely needs for many reasons.  

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  • BRADinLA

    I did my part. I signed a petition and wrote a letter to a congressman. This needs to happen before Bill Russell leaves us forever.

  • 11rings

    Definitely. This definitely needs to happen now. Budgets are tight but it might be too late by the time the economy turns around.

  • jared

    This needs to happen. Period.

  • With all the pork in TARP and the like, I’m sure a few K could be found to build a recognized NATIONAL HERO a statue.

  • greenbeand

    g’damn right he deserves one- why does’nt wyc have an arena to put it at- macys downtown crossing would be mint

  • Geez, how much would it cost anyway? I’m sure the money could be privately raised if that was really an issue. I’m poor and I’d give a few bucks to it.

  • Agreed. It’s a tough time to talk about public funds but c’mon, the guys on Beacon Hill aren’t starving for lunch either and spending plenty of cash on memorials.
    Can we start a pledge for this?