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Ok Von… time to show us something

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Von Wafer gets some meaningful action for the C's

I guess it's a good thing the C's didn't toss Von Wafer into the scrap heap when Delonte West came back. 

With Doc Rivers talking about plan B and the need to change how he substitutes… we're starting to hear Von's name tossed around

One player who has suddenly found himself with an unexpected role is Von Wafer, who has seen the court in small doses. Wafer is ahead of rookie Avery Bradley because of his experience, and also his shooting ability. “Obviously we need Von more than Avery in some ways,” Rivers said. “We need the guy to play the 2-spot. Avery can help us.” As for his defense, Rivers said that Wafer is working on it.

So the challenge is laid out.  Von Wafer NEEDS to play well enough for Ray Allen to get some rest.  The last time Ray Allen played this many minutes (38 per game), he's was wearing a Sonics jersey (06-07, 40.3 per game).  Luckily, Ray is a physical specimen who is doing everything he can to stave off the wear and tear of age.  

But it can't last forever.  At some point, Ray needs a break.  And Nate Robinson can't really fill that void because he needs to give Rajon Rondo and his aching feet a rest. Sure, Doc can slide Paul over to the 2 and bring Marquis Daniels in to play the 3… but Paul needs a break too.  

Nope… we need Von Wafer to step up.  I'm willing to overlook the planting of anti-Delonte stories for the time being.  I don't care what's going on inside Von's head.  All I want is one thing:  Von Wafer to understand this is a chance for him to come in and contribute.  His only extended playing time has come when the game was over.  He needs to come in in the first and second quarters… give Ray some time on the bench… and hold the fort until he returns. 

I don't normally put stock in November and December games… but these games will be critically important if they cost any of the Big 3 time later on.  If Von can't get the job done… and if Ray gets hurt later on… Von will be the scapegoat.  We'll all say "if only Wafer could have contributed."  

I don't want that.  I know Von doesn't either.  The time to avoid that is now.

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  • MikeinNYC

    What about Peja? he’ll be released or traded soon. more of a three but Marquis can then swing to the two.
    make roster spot by cutting ties with JO. he’s complete shit.

  • jang

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  • Nick

    BULLSHIT. He doesn’t need to play well, doc needs to leave him out there and let him do his thing and get acclimated to playing with a team of this caliber. If doc wants to have a quick hook, then he will be driving ray into the ground.

  • Mileke

    Me personally, i cant wait to see what Von can contribute to this team, i am from Houston, and still live here, but i’m a #1 fan of the celtics… i feel Von can contribute a great deal, if giving the chance… he did fairly well with Houston, and he knows how to step up when his name is called! Go C’s!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Ray is playing 40 minutes a game, PP is in the high 30’s….some of this against weak teams. That’ll come back to haunt us if Doc doesnt do something about it.
    As for Von, he had better step up. I dont think he’ll have too many more chances in the NBA if this one doesnt go well.

  • Peja can only shoot… and I’m not 100% convinced he can really do that anymore. He won’t help this team.