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Friday Night Alley-Oop Party at the Garden

It was an alley-oop party at the Garden last Friday night, and all Celtic fans were invited. The first 18,000 or so witnessed it first hand while the millions of other fans enjoyed it on TV.  Watch the clip below as the Celtics picked apart Toronto's weak interior defense with a cornucopia of alley-oops.  Enjoy.


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  • M

    ahh.. just like the video games. haha

  • Goceltics

    Pay Back is a mutha… Watched this game 2 times. Loved it.

  • Pleasepostthisvideo

    why havent you posted a video of Lebrons worthless ass bumping the coach of the team HE WENT TO because his gay ass trio of fags isnt working? Lebitch is just a crybaby wannabe whose stuck losing in miami for the rest of his prime. he will never win another MVP or a championship unless he gets off this team. they cant work together. But what a bitch to bump his coach!!!! What a fucking faget!! and hes done it to mike brown too, both videos are on youtube. Post this up redsarmy so it can become big and people will realize what kind of worthless stuck up piece of shit player he is.