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Your Morning Dump… Where it doesn’t take much to motivate The Big Ticket


(video courtesy of WEEI's Mike Petraglia)

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“Doc has different ways of motivating me,” Garnett said. “He pulled me to the side, he wasn’t really happy with Bargnani situation up there and I wasn’t really pleased with that, either. And tonight was more of a concentrated effort to just make sure I kept him under control. It doesn’t take much to motivate me.”

Rivers was far more subtle in his post-game comments but hinted that he saw the KG everyone expected on Friday night.

“Kevin’s energy tonight was off the charts, and you knew it would be, if you know Kevin,” Rivers said. “Because the last time we played them, the guy in his position had a pretty good game, and that’s just Kevin Garnett.”

WEEI: Garnett gets his revenge on Bargnani

Kevin Garnett didn't forget last week's tough loss in Toronto. And he definitely didn't forget Andrea Bargnani's 29 points either. As Kevin puts it in WEEI's Mike Petraglia's video, Doc "pulled him to the side" before the game to remind him that Bargnani had really put it on him that afternoon.

Garnett also said that he didn't sleep much on Thursday night. And it was very obvious from the opening-tip this evening that the Big Ticket was absolutely jacked for a chance to even the score.

Everyone has been talking this season about just how athletic and full of energy Garnett has been. He looks easily in the best shape I've seen him in since the championship season (his first in Boston) of 2007-08. Now 18 months removed from surgery to remove large bone spurs from his right knee, KG is moving with no hesitation. He has spring in his step, fire in his eye and this season will not be successful to him unless he wins another title.

Danny Ainge brought in just the guy to help KG get that 2nd title. Shaq. The Big Shamrock has been to the big stage and won there 4 times. He knows that Ticket, The Truth & SugarRay all want to hang at least 1 more banner from those rafters on their watch. And Shaq is crystal clear on this.

Just listen to what Shaq told the media is his "18-2-5" theory after last night's game. He wants another ring for himself, an O'Brien trophy for Doc and his teammates, and a new banner for the city of Boston.

KG's excellent play has been a huge boost early on in the 2010-11 quest for Banner 18. If he has it his way, he'll single-handedly will the Boston Celtics to another NBA title.

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  • KG really does look good…though I can’t help but still want him to take a little rest in January or February with some phantom injury. All the vets could use a few games here or there — I really don’t want to see us lose steam near the end like last year.

  • greenbeand

    both teams played an entertaining 1st half. shot of the night goes to rondo’s 3/4 heave with 22 seconds left on the shot clock- the camera pans to doc scratching his head- wth was he thinking 🙂

  • I think when Perk gets back, we’ll see that happen. Right before the All-Star break we play NJ so perhaps Doc can sit Ticket for that game. Point is, once Perk gets back our depth will be ridiculous. I’m not counting J.O. into the equation, because at this point I’m really not sure how he’s going to bounce back. He hasn’t looked right since last year’s playoffs and his body may just be saying enough is enough.

  • Lee in Oregon

    good point about JO. He could be this year’s Theo Ratliff. Sadly, that’s 2 years at the MLE, whereas Shaq is at the vet minny. I’m still hoping Sheed comes back at about the same time as Perk.