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Ray Allen paid $10,000 for a bike

Rayallen shirtless

I would totally have the same body as Ray Allen… if i didn't drink as much booze… or eat as much pizza at 2 AM… or skip as many workout as I do.  Oh… and if I had a bike that cost me 10 Grand to custom build.

Allen has been riding for about a dozen years and had the same bike. But earlier this year he upgraded to a bike designed specifically for him.

"I'd been looking to get a new one so I used this company out of Boston, Independent Fabrication,'' Allen said in an interview with FanHouse. "I wanted something ultralight, and I just went to a bike shop to figure out what's new and what's out there. We put together a bike based on my specifications. It's like one of those bikes you can pick up with two fingers. It's just real light.''

The bike is so high tech there are no wires to the gears; instead the gears are able to be read through electronics and what Allen commands on the handlebar. And the colors of the bike?

"I got it green and black, so it's the same exact (colors as the Celtics),'' Allen said.

The entire focus of that piece is how Ray is a bit obsessive about staying in shape.  And I know that photo is a couple of years old… but I'm pretty sure he doesn't look any worse.  In fact, to hear everyone in that story, he probably looks better. 

What can you say about Ray?  The guy is a friggin' pro.  Everything he does is geared towards being the best at what he does.  If he's anything less than the best he could possibly be at anything… it probably kills him.  

Just amazing to hear the stories.

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  • UhOh!!

    damn!! i thought i was ripped…. im glad ray’s with the Cs instead of wasting away on some below average team that gave him a big contract….

  • Mollysdaddy

    Favorite part of the story…the colors of the bike.

  • Damn!!!! That’s not photoshopped is it? I have never seen a basketball player that ripped. No wonder Ray ray shows no signs of ageing or wear and tear.

  • I still think i get a better workout on my single speed cruiser.