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Recap: Diesel leads C’s over Nets in ugly win


Brutal win for the Celtics tonight, outlasting New Jersey 89-83.

On the good side of things: a 2002-ish double-double from the Big Aristotle, 25 points and 11 boards in 32 minutes. He had lots of energy and the rest of the team seemed to feed off him — especially an even-more-wired-than-usual KG.

Everybody else was pretty disjointed on offense, other than Paul in the 4th, and Nate Robinson spent the majority of the game on the bench for phantom fouls.

The other bright spot was Quis: Excellent defense in 27 minutes of action. He still doesn't look great on offense, but he seemed to always have his hands on the ball on the defensive end, getting 2 steals and a block, but affecting many more plays.

The defense as a whole was strong, as the C's piled up 11 steals.

Of course, leading the way on the bad side of things was Delonte's broken wrist, which I'm sure we'll hear more about. Add that to Nate's foul trouble and Rondo's hamstring, and we saw a lot of Pierce at the 1.

And for fear of commenting on the officiating, let's just say that Tommy wasn't happy. (For what it's worth, there were a few bad calls, but I thought Tommy was blowing it way out of proportion.

A win is a win is a win, but the C's will need to play more consistently than they did tonight.

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  • Very hard for me to be excited about this win. The Nets grabbed 42 boards tonight. 42. I’ll take the W, but man. I know I’m a Quis homer, but that dude was solid tonight. Granted he had 4 points, but he just made key plays at key times. 3 boards, 4 assists, 2 rips and a block. Are we gonna have trouble again this Friday? I hope not. How about another nice home blowout like the one vs the Wiz. Yes please. Happy TurkeyDay everyone.

  • Stan

    From C’s Twitter – Doc on West’s right wrist injury: “It’s broken for sure. It’s gonna be a long time. Let’s just put it that way. That was tough.”

  • Stan

    Oh, and Miami lost. Nelson was having a terrific game, which was all the Magic needed. The Big Three continue to struggle. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

  • BRADinLA

    I think Skeets over a the Basketball Jones was right at the beginning of the year and we’re just gonna have to get used to the idea that the C’s are just going to have to save it all for the playoffs again. Too many early injuries. But once Perk, JO, Rondo and D West are all back in time for said playoffs we should be a force to be reckoned with. Miami just dropped into the 5 spot… in the East… Superteam? Methinks not.

  • Nora

    Who care how they win a regular season game. We all know they can waste more energy but i’d rather they waste it in the playoffs

  • NineSevenEight

    +1. I’ve been critical of quid in the past, but hidefensive presence was a difference maker. Von Wafer! even impressed on d as well. Good to see two role players come in and do what is asked of them. Gives me hope in future games considering west will miss a significant chunk of time. It’s hard to be pumped about a win when something so unfortunate happens. I’d gladly take a loss than if it meant having west on the bench.

  • UhOh!!

    +1000 this is EXACTLY how i feel

  • Agreed. He's been doing the little things like steals, deflections etc.

  • ShawnCVD

    I gotta bitch about the refs. Specifically about the intentional fouls that they haven’t been calling. The opponent is behind and there is under 30 seconds to go. The opponent intentionally tries to foul Ray Allen and the refs decide now to swallow their whistles. Ray feels contact but now must collect himself and continue to play. What should have been a trip to the charity stripe resulted in turn overs near the end of two recent games.
    It was harmless tonight. This past Sunday the Rapters bested Boston by 1…It maddens me b/c the game is not moving fast at this point and EVERYONE knows what each team is trying to do.

  • nick

    Poor Delonte, The good news is that now we can probably sign him on the cheap again for next year, and he should also be back for the playoffs. But fuck man, losing D-West for the rest of the season really blows. Time to unleash Avery and Wafer, both of those guys can get it done, they ain’t as good as D-West but are team is super deep.

  • Goceltics

    This blows!