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Would we be better off with Sheed?


Last year, Sheed took the brunt of blame for what struggles the Celtics had.

We were lazy during the regular season — clearly his laziness was rubbing off. Our complaints to the refs were reaching new highs — again, Wallace fingerprints all over it. We weren't tough enough inside, took too many jumpshots, and seemed entitled.

So the only solace I took from the conclusion of last year was the quick reports coming out that Sheed was hanging up his Air Force Ones. 

A month into this season, Sheed's in his rocking chair and I'm reconsidering.

The 2010-2011 Celtics already look bored to a pretty frustrating degree, with terrible losses to this weekend, and other than KG's minor resurgence and Rondo's continuing progression, we haven't had a lot to get excited about.

Which brings me to this question: Did we give Sheed too much blame?

His play was underwhelming last year — 9 points, 4 boards, and a block, and from my non-expert eye, I thought his interior defense (especially within the Celtics team concept) was lousy. 

But look at his replacement. Jermaine O'Neal seems like a nice enough guy and everything, but 5.5 pts, 3.5 boards (in admittedly fewer minutes) isn't really helping much. And now he's hurt, which is obviously a shock to all of us.

It makes me wonder: Might we be better off with Sheed still on the roster? 

The argument for is that Sheed did stretch the defense, even though he missed the vast majority of his threes, and in his time in Boston he fell in line behind Doc and the veterans. He was surprisingly durable, knows the system and all the players' tendencies, and would have a chip on his shoulder from how last year ended.

The argument against is probably that this team might be at its limit with big/crazy personalities. Shaq, Baby, Delonte, KG…throw Sheed in the mix and maybe things would really get out of control. And let's not forget that Sheed was out of shape for about 80% of last year. And that he probably would have been suspended for the entire year already with the new technical foul rules.

Obviously, we have all season to wonder about this, and we won't really know 'til we see what we get out of JO come May and June. But I fear we might not see an upgrade from the most reviled player from last year's team.

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  • Didn’t Paul Pierce say that he (Sheed) should take all the time he wants and come back in January or February? I remember reading something of that effect over the summer. Anyway, I would love to see Sheed back considering Jermaine O’Neal is made out of glass. I just can’t explain how JO can be hurt so early in the season. Imagine what it would be like if Shaq wasn’t signed? And lastly, I love Baby, but he represents a big disadvantage for us most of the time; especially when he starts settling for jump shots. I can’t help but think that the Celtics should trade him; although I don’t know if there is anyone out there worth the trade.

  • ShawnCVD

    Funny post Mr Priest. Sheed backing Shaq would be intriguing. As for his D his work against Pau in the Finals was impressive. Remember this?
    As for the C’s recent struggles I don’t think Sheed would make a difference. And Celts were 9-2 before then so…

  • G4L

    No! This years team is different, JO is replacing Perk as the Enforcer.. Sheed could not do that He would play out at the 3 point arc especially when Shaq is in. The C’s got both O’Neals to fix our biggest problem last year, REBOUNDING! Sheed would not fix that problem.

  • green8teen

    damn, talk about some over-reaction the last few days.
    IT’S NOVEMBER. chill.

  • Mileke

    People Are Totally Overreacting, Come On We Havent Had A Defined Rotation All Year, And These Two Games Are Games That We Should Have Won, Look At The Upside, We Were Down 12, Came Back Took The Lead Up To About 4 I Think, Poor Execution In The Last Minute Or So… And You Expect That Without Rondo Playin, Once We Get Our Defined Rotation, We Will Be The Team Everybody Has Been Waitin To See.. I Understand Everyones Furstration, But Lets Remember, We Were 9-4 On This Exact Date Last Year Also, With Abetter Team Then Last Year, We Only Have Room For Improvement, And That We Will Get It Together In The Next Couple Of Weeks, When Jermaine Get Back, And When Kenderick Get Back…. Ohhh We Will Be Able To Delete This Horrible Weekend Out Of Our Lives.. Everyone Calm Down And Stay Faithful, They Will Get It Together !

  • Truck2653

    How much time did it take you to capitalize every word?? It makes it hard to read and I don’t know you but it makes you seem like kind of an A-hole. But you are right about the overreacting if that helps.

  • Mileke

    It Dont Take Long To Capitalize, Thats Just How I Type, But I Really Dont See How It Makes Me Look Like A Asshole, A Asshole Is The Comment You Just Made…. But Anyway We’re Here Talking About The Celtics, Not How I Type, Or Who A Asshole, We Both Celtics Fan, No Need To Be Beefin Over My Typing, So I’ll Just Forget That Comment…

  • Lee in Oregon

    Agreed, Sheed did way better on Gasol than anyone else on the team. KG backed off him and gave him easy jumpers, whereas Sheed was up in his grill.
    I havnt given up on Sheed returning after the break. He’s still living in Boston.
    Would we better off during the regular season? 2 words- man boobs. Thats what Sheed rocked until about a day before the playoffs.

  • BRADinLA

    I agree that people are overreacting and I don’t think you’re an asshole, but seriously, why type like that?

  • Nora

    Nobody else does it and makes it hard to read.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    I would love to see the Suckdics resign Old Man Wallace. LOL, with the new NBA technical rule, Sheed would get ejected every game (haha). He would cost the Suckdics more points because of his constant overreactions.

  • Classless

    No, no, no. Sheed was a cute 1 year experiment. He played too far from the hoop and his attitude ruined the regular season for me. It is possible to win while trying during the regular season (see: 2008 Celtics).