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Recap: Celtics win by 1st round TKO


The Celtics wasted no time attacking the Atlanta Hawks tonight. By the end of the 1st quarter it was clear that the Hawks wanted no part of this fight. The final score: 99 – 76.

The 1st quarter numbers are staggering. The Celtics outscored Atlanta 39 – 13. They outrebounded Atlanta 16 – 3. They outshot Atlanta 72% to 23%. They out-assisted Atlanta 12 – 3.

Kevin Garnett had 9 of his 17 points in the 1st. Shaq had 6 points and 5 rebounds (finished with 13 and 11).

The Hawks starters embarassed themselves. Check the plus/minus numbers. They flat out quit.

Was anyone else concerned the Celtics might let the 22 point halftime lead slip away in the 3rd? Even with the big lead, they kept their defensive intensity (the Hawks helped by taking mostly jumpers) and held Atlanta to just 14 points in the quarter.

Tommy Heinsohn was grumpy tonight. Even as the Celtics stretched the lead to 30+ points at times, he would repeatedly criticize the Cs for not attacking the basket.

How about Delonte West hustling his ass off in the 4th quarter of a blowout? He had two blocks including one on the 6-11 Zaza Pachulia.

Anyone notice Shaq sitting on an elevated (stack of seat cushions) chair on the bench? I wonder if his hip is flairing up.

Box score | Recap

"We came out mad…" – KG on the team's fast start.

After the jump:  Delonte's huge block on Pachulia


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  • A disappointing effort by trhe Hawks. that’s for sure

  • green8teen

    wow, look at the box score and look at the +/- for the starters versus the bench. rediculous…
    what is up with baby the last few games? guy cannot find his shot at all. maybe he just needs rondo back?

  • green8teen

    what is your point?

  • Lee in Oregon

    D West with the block!
    A good old fashion ass-whuppin was just what they needed. KG walked the talk.

  • Boston Celtics 4 Life

    Shaq has always been sitting on the cusions since he’s been on the Celtics. Nothing new at all so we shouldn’t have to worry. As for Jermaie I wonder when he will be cleared to play?

  • TruthPierce

    Shaq has been sitting on those cushions the entire season and actually also towards the end of last season I think. Maybe it’s the hip, or maybe his legs are too long to sit on a regular chair, or maybe he just feels superior to everyone and wants to sit above them all, but I doubt it.

  • And once again we shut-down the opposition’s big scorer. It’s already happened to DWade, Arenas and tonight J.Johnson-2 for 10 w/6 points. I also like how even though West & Daniels didn’t have huge offensive nights, they got involved other ways-defense and passing. Now let’s see if this squad can go on a nice streak to build more confidence & chemistry. We have NJ twice (who’ll be on the 2nd night of a back-to-back Wed.) rematches w/the Craptors & Cavs, the Bulls & Blazers. No reason we can’t win all those games or at least 5 of 6.

  • BRADinLA

    God, I hate this piece of ish posting here. Block this mf’er will ya?

  • mileke

    Is there anybody still worried about what the c’s can do? even without rondo? if you are, look for greenlights in the next few days, they’ll help you alot !

  • Stan

    Remember how everyone said that we’ll win because the opponents are lacking key pieces? (OKC and TOR) C’s did their best to give the game away. I’m praying that they don’t get complacent just because NJ is on the 2nd night of a back-to-back. Or get ‘bored’.
    Baby’s going downhill with his performance these 2 games. We need him to get back into his game if we are to close the next few games. D West’s still struggling with his shots, but he deserves a tommy point for his hustle tonight. Bradley’s looking okay on the defensive end, but his jitters are getting the best of him on the other end. Once he gets regular minutes on the court, you can be sure this kid will boost our bench.
    On a side note, D Wade was terrible in tonight’s game. He created a new record low with his 1-13 FGM. Looks like the Heat have more than chemistry issues to settle.

  • Excellent points Stan. It's oh so important to stay hungry..

  • greenbeand

    didn’t watch tonight’s game, but write up (here) definitely sounded like so much needed medicine

  • I can confirm this. Shaq has had the booster seat since day one.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Props to you mileke, on the new typing. The old way really made it hard to read. A sincere thanks.

  • jared

    Didnt get the Boston feed tonight (nba tv), but if Tommy had some gripes about laying off the paint I understand it, to the extent that the Hawks offered absolutely zero resistance down low.
    Well whatever, a solid win. The C’s smelled blood in the water and went in for the kill. More of this please.

  • Nora

    If you are up by 30 why are there critism by the announcer? They must be bored. Whatever they did worked

  • Classless

    Probably the worst effort I’ve seen from an opposing team in recent memory

  • Mr Miyagi

    These Celtics mofos seem to enjoy smacking down teams that did them ‘wrong’ in the past or they got a ‘shoulder chip’ for and switch to ‘lollygag mode’ when they have ‘nothing’ to prove..
    Smack MIA today, lose to Cleveland tomorrow etc.
    Me likey.
    Here, Kobekobekobekobe….

  • ShawnCVD

    This guy is the worst. Hey JtCan’tComprehendBasketBall! Chuck stated at the end of the opening paragraph that the Hawks were not willing to compete tonight. The collective IQ of this blog plummets anytime you make one of your subtractions. Please go away.

  • ShawnCVD

    heh heh “Brick James”

  • Green In Cleveland

    Much needed win after the past two games. We’ve got the pieces in place, we just need consistent effort. It’s a long season, but come playoff time, you KNOW they’ll be ready for REVENGE. On to 18!

  • Goceltics

    Gotta take the good with the bad. Little Nate,was a great pick up for us. Go C’s!

  • aaron

    I was happy to see Nate be able to step up and carry the team with Rondo out. A win is a win is a win. Who cares.