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Recap: Another craptastic loss

Chuck - Red's Army November 21, 2010 Uncategorized 23 Comments on Recap: Another craptastic loss


Two straight subpar efforts from the Celtics.

After playing horribly for most of the game and down by 12 in the 4th, the Celtics ripped off a 16-1 run and appeared to have stolen this game.

However… the officials missed a blatant foul by Leandro Barbosa on Ray Allen with the Celtics up 1 with 12 seconds remaining. They did manage to blow the whistle for Amir Johnson and he promptly nailed two free throws for the 101 – 100 victory.

Other observations:

Nate Robinson (22 points) did a solid job filling in for Rajon Rondo.

The Celtics gave up 38 points in the 2nd quarter. That's 38 points in 12 minutes.

Paul Pierce missed a 16 footer at the buzzer. He had a real good look at the basket. Pierce also missed a free throw with 2:29 remaining. That clearly hurt.

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  • NineSevenEight

    Apparently an intentional foul isn’t what it used to be according to young pricks officiating the game now. How do you not call that?
    Aside from that, the Celtics need to get reintroduced to their love for defense again. No use in playing 12 minutes of good basketball in a 48 minute game. It just becomes a waste of everyone’s time.
    I’d also appreciate an improvement in free throw shooting. Shaq was making his teammates look bad. Delonte should look for his shot more as well. And Marquis Daniels….I really just don’t know.

  • Nora

    Waiting for the the Lakers ‘I have no life’ trolls to show now lol

  • chris

    I don’t like Semih anymore…

  • brain dead

    just wanna remind everybody – we’re in november.

  • Classless

    Just CANNOT make that foul, Dick Bavetta. What a joke. The fact that I even know his name is the #1 problem in the NBA.

  • greenbeand

    you didn’t mind losing game 7 last year in LA?

  • Zauer

    Take a look at +/- of our starters/bench and then theirs starters/bench it pretty much sums the game

  • That final no-call involving Ray was just awful, but if the C’s hit their free-throws, that play doesn’t matter. Our defense was subpar also-Raps scored almost half of their points in the painted area. Very frustrating to lose a game because we can’t hit foul-shots. I mean c’mon-it’s a “free-throw”. Between this loss and Friday’s, we missed 20 foul shots. Let’s pray we can do better tomorrow night-this team needs a good win to boost morale. Hopefully a marquee game vs ATL will get these guys fired-up.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Hello Nora….was that a tough loss for you today? I’m surprised you’re not used to losing yet. I thought Game 7 from last year’s finals would’ve gotten you used to it by now. LOL

  • PierceAintDown

    Impressive ball handling skills, Ray. Jesus.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Agreed, the non-call against Ray sucked but thats what the C’s did all game.
    Out-rebounded, pourous D, and too many jump shots…..reminded me of last year’s regular season. Even without Rondo, that was a crap effort against a team they should beat by 20. I dont want to hear about how great KG looks anytime soon.

  • green8teen

    no an even tougher loss mighta been game 4 of that 08 finals for the lakers. being up 21 in the 4th? damn, that’a pathetic to lose!

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  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    I don’t know, both Games 6 and 7 of the 2010 NBA finals are pretty close. I mean how pathetic is it to have two chances to win an an NBA world championship and blow both opportunities. You remember, that’s what the Suckdics did last year. Now that’s really pathetic.

  • green8teen

    nope, not as much as a 21 point lead. on your home floor too…

  • PPsucks

    Game 7

  • PPsucks

    Hi Nora

  • kobeRapesUnderagedLadies

    Game 4 in ’08

  • ShawnCVD

    Mr Davis your shooting touch is missing. Time to eat another troth of tasty children’s cereal – or whatever would help.

  • PPsucks

    Back 2 Back bitch!you guys blew a what?13 14 point lead… a game 7? that hurts the same haha so eat shit you worthless piece of shit

  • kobeRapesUnderagedLadies

    so, 13 points in the first quarter is worse than 21 in the 4th?
    greatest comeback in nba finals history! at the lakers expense!

  • PPsucks

    you guys had a double digit lead in the second half retard

  • kobeRapesUnderagedLadies

    not 21 in the 4th!
    hey at least you’re 3-8 against boston in the finals now. that’s pretty good! you can always hang your hat on that at least.