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Rondo’s Hamstring Injury

Here's the video from Rondo's straned left hamstring injury.  It looks like he may have done it on the way up, but as you can see he's clearly not moving well in the short time he stayed in the game afterwards.  More video of the game to come later on.


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  • JoeRemembers

    Looks like it was the say he landed awkwardly on that leg. Thanks for this video, didn’t see it in the game. Those basketball gods… they’re not just gonna take a win away… sometimes they get so pissed off, they also take out your point guard and maybe even your best defender (with a concussion?). Best not to piss them off in the first place, I think.

  • greenbeand

    pierce took a few hits and KG had a golf ball on his dome.. just a total crap game