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Paul Pierce wakes up the crowd


There we were… 7:45 to go in the 3rd, the C's looking sluggish, and the ball in the captain's hand…

Time to wake up the crowd, go on a run, and win this game!


That cut the lead to six.  Then the C's got a stop, scored, and OKC called a timeout. 

Unfortunately, OKC didn't get the script. Russell Westbrook was canning jumpers left and right… getting hot because of early lax defense and staying hot the rest of the way…. and the rest of the Thunder were getting to the line like crazy.  

That's what happens when you let a good player get confident and you play like ass.  Pierce's dunk should have been a turning point in a close game.  Instead, it was just a tease in a disappointing loss.

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  • greenbeand

    can we move on from last nights game.. i still feel sickened and embarrassed about losing to a jv team on national tv. total failure

  • jung lee

    That was a tough loss for sure. You know what will cheer you up? Some fantastic, hilarious quotes from Karl Malone – believe me – this is great stuff.

  • jared

    Seriously though, that was a wicked effing dunk. I agree totally though, this should have kicked in the turbo for the C’s, but instead they coasted.