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I kept my promise..

KWAPT (@KWAPT) November 20, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on I kept my promise..


Ugh. A draining night at the Garden last evening. I just wasn't feeling great about this game from the jump. The crowd in our section was kinda lame, we had two Faker fans behind us (they were actually pretty decent guys believe it or not) and the whole "Durant's not playing-we should kill them" vibe just took the fight out of the C's maybe.

One guy who did impress me last night though was Russell Westbrook. That dude was just lights-out. At one point, we were begging one of the C's to hard-foul him and perhaps throw him off his game. That kid is the goods folks, and it sucked to see him jog off my home team's floor yelling "yeaaah baby!"

Never the less, I always enjoy being at the Garden, seeing my friends, chatting about hoops pregame with Jimmy Toscano, saying hi to the always friendly Kristine Leahy and oh yeah-I kept my promise about letting Kristic hear it last night.

I got one of my verbal-assaults of him on camera. Now just be aware that there were little kids around, so I had to kind of curb the profanity. But at about 14 seconds in, you clearly hear me say: "Don't throw any chairs Kristic-you big sissy!"

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