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Remember this…?

KWAPT (@KWAPT) November 19, 2010 Uncategorized 18 Comments on Remember this…?



So tonight, I’ll be heading to the Garden to watch my Boston Celtics take on the OKC Thunder. Occasionally, I am lucky enough to get some seats right above the visitor’s tunnel from a season-ticket holder friend of mine. And of course when you get seats like that, you get a great chance to yell at the opposing team’s “villains”.

Brandon from Ginos Jungle and I were fortunate enough to sit there last year during the heated (pun fully intended) playoff series against Quentin Richardson & Miami. We yelled so loud at Quentin Richardson and his cronies (sorry J.O.)  that security asked us to stop.

So today I was thinking to myself, “damn-who can I really yell at on OKC?”

I mean, I really like KD. How can you not? He’s a great player, and a fantastic kid. Ibaka..? Nah..Westbrook..? Nope.

Then it hit me…KRSTIC. I flashed-back to last summer when that coward threw a metal chair at a dude that wasn’t even in uniform! He was actually arrested and spent the night in jail.

So now I have my target. My boy Darin and I are excited to see a great game tonight at the Garden, and to let Mr. Krstic know just how we feel about what he did. So if you’re at the Garden tonight, come by Section 4 row 10 and hang-out. I promise you’ll have a great time!

And PLEASE post your ideas in the comments section for any funny chants or other phrases we can get the crowd in our section to yell at Krstic.

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  • urlame


  • daemian

    neNARDO! neNARDO!
    or maybe “PULL UP A CHAIR ASSHOLE!”

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    I have a great chair chant:
    Throw a chair at KG!
    Throw a chair at KG!
    Throw a chair at KG!
    Throw a chair at KG!
    Everybody!!! Throw a chair at KG!, Throw a chair at KG!, Throw a chair at KG!,

  • Thx D. Like the pull up a chair one..

  • Krelac! is an insult in his native tounge meaning something along the lines of ‘idiot’ and it has a nice ring when added to Krstic – “KRELAC KRSTIC”
    Or ‘govedo’ means jerk, and ‘supak’ means ‘asshole’

  • The Turth is Here…

    I would just chant Go Nenad fast enough until it sounds like Gonad, but that’s just me…

  • Great suggestions folks-much appreciated!!

  • Thanks Josh- “Krelac” it is. You better not be lying to me though. I hoe it doesn’t really mean muffin-ass or something…lmao

  • Goceltics

    Call him a punk, or a chicken shit.

  • Hutch

    Hey Bob Knight why dont ya throw some more chairs!

  • Hey I speak some Slavic languages and live in Russia, and beem a life long C’s die hard, I’d never lie to the mighty KWAPT! To put you mind at ease here is a site i found with the terms on it:
    Some are too over the top for basketball (but not for the city of Boston 🙂 )

  • At the 20 second mark of the original posting ( you can see Sofoklis first getting attacked by Nenad; I looked at the video and saw Sofoklis trying to defend his teammate who fell to the bottom of the pile and Nenad saw an opportunity to re-engage Sofoklis. Then the rest is just scumbagness by Nenad.
    Is it too late for you to make Sofoklis masks?!?!
    I’ll be up in 328 (obviously) but you’ll be close enough to maybe get a reaction!

  • Yes-I’ll be at work all day so no time for mask..great suggestion though..enjoy the game!

  • I was just busting your chops Josh ;D

  • jang

    Kevin Garnett’s Hall of Fame Speech…

  • I know, I was just playing along 🙂 I love trash talk even among like thinkers!

  • Lakerhater

    OMG thats so funny you just keep cranking them out joey. Hows theo ratsh#t workin out for ya?

  • supak 17-16