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Recap: Craptastic loss to OKC

Chuck - Red's Army November 19, 2010 Uncategorized 22 Comments on Recap: Craptastic loss to OKC


How the hell did the Celtics lose to an OKC Thunder team missing Kevin Durant and Jeff Green?

a) Weak effort

b) Lack of rebounding

c) Poor free throw shooting

d) All of the above

Other observations:

Rajon Rondo sat the final 3 minutes with a sore hamstring.

KG has a nasty golf-ball sized lump on the back of head, courtesy of a 1st quarter elbow.

Garnett had a season low 2 rebounds, Rondo had a season low 7 assists.

Glen Davis was 2-6 from the FT line in the 4th quarter. He was equally as horrible from the field (2-10).

Is is possible for Shaq to commit a hard foul without getting whistled for a flagrant? That was a BS call by Joe Crawford.

Box score | Recap

After the jump, Rondo's spectacular follow dunk in the 3rd quarter.

Thanks to Jose3030 for the clip.

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  • TheAuerbach

    The other team shooting an absurd amount of free throws off of bad calls should be added to that list. A flagrant on Shaq? That’s how Shaq always fouls? Is it Shaq’s fault that Westbrook is small compared to Shaq?

  • donnelson

    terrible effort by boston. poor ball movement. poor rebounding. no emotion. no mojo.

  • Lee in Oregon

    The best thing I can say is that they didnt blow a big lead. Seemed uninterested. Someone on TV said that when Durant didnt play, all the air went out of the building.

  • Joe A

    I guess the best thing to say about this game is that it was easily the Celtics worst effort of the season,arguably the worst games by Rondo, Big Baby, Ray and Kg, and it was still a game that went down to the final seconds.Hopefully the Rondo and Pierce injuries aren’t anything serious.

  • jj

    When is the next Heat game. I need to feel good again. I feel the same when we lost to the post-lebron cavs…

  • greenbeand

    blame this one on the coach for not preparing his team. clearly he’s not playing for home court adv

  • jang

    Tough loss, but the Thunder do not have two guys that will be turned to stone like we (Celtics) do!
    Is there enough bronze in the world to immortalize Garnett’s and Pierce’s sacs?

  • Great point by Lee from Oregon. I was at the game and you could just tell that the whole “no Durant” vibe just took the energy out of the C’s. They seemed flat and discombobulated (sp?) from the jump. Not to mention they had no rhythm, your starting-PG has zero ft attempts, and you don’t score for the last 10 minutes of the game. Hats off to Westbrook. Kid is gonna be a superstar.

  • Classless

    Meh. Classic “mail it in” performance against a supposedly undermanned team. We’ll see 10-12 more games like this.
    Don’t go crazy over Westbrook. He hogged the ball worst than Iverson in his prime.

  • PierceInACasket

    How did that “lucky break” of no Durant OR Green work out for ya? BOOM.

  • Mr Miyagi

    4k u.

  • Nora

    I bet Celtics win if Durant plays. Very strange.

  • PPsucks

    i bet you guys got outplayed

  • Nora

    C’s did not bring their A effort clearly. The did not get outplayed on the road against them when Durant was playing.

  • Wayne

    Trolls just love coming here don’t they?

  • Nora

    One in particular can’t get enough of the C’s lol

  • Rush

    i think he likes you (belch)

  • JoeRemembers

    Can I just add that the officiating totally SUCKED this whole game… one-sided the whole night against the Cs. Not that that’s why they lost… but that doesn’t diminish the suckage of having to watch those a-holes (I mean the refs, not the Celtics) screw up another game.

  • I’ve never really dug Westbrook, but he was impressive early. He gets too into himself and forces things though, you could see it in the 4th. He’ll be scary when he puts it together.

  • Goceltics

    That blow out win jinxed us. After KG got knocked upside his head, he seemed a little lost out there.Lol

  • Goceltics

    The elephant picture is a perfect example of what happened last night. Funny picture

  • PPsucks

    well no shyt they won the game no?……thats the stupidest thing i heard……the Celtics, the Lakers, the Heat can all get outplayed idk why you act like your stupid team cant