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The 2007 draft lottery looks better every year


If you haven't heard by now… Greg Oden is done for the season… again… after the team announced he'll have to undergo microfracture surgery on his left knee.

So after four NBA season… Greg Oden will have played exactly 82 games.  

I feel horrible for the guy.  All that promise and nothing to show for it.  And while there is still time, theoretically, for him to rehab… get healthy… and make a comeback… who thinks that's really gonna happen.  

Don't get me wrong.  If he's willing to sign a non-guaranteed deal I'd be happy to take him in a no-risk situation.  But that's another conversation for another time.  

Right now I just want you to look back at that draft lottery night in 2007… think about the anticipation you had for a #1 or #2 pick after the C's tanked that previous season.  Think about how your stomach dropped when you saw the Celtics come up at #5.  

Now go back and watch that video and be thankful we didn't draft Greg Oden.  Who knows how things would have worked out if we got Kevin Durant… but I think we can say with a lot of certainty that the punch in the gut we got on that draft lottery night was pretty much the best thing that happened to this franchise.

Poor Greg Oden, man.  I know he's got a few million he can fall back on… so it's not ALL horrible for him.  But I just don't see how you can't feel bad for him

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  • smartest man in the world gets out of ohio state before he turns 20 and his body starts to fall apart

  • Lee in Oregon

    Sad but not unexpected.
    I would sum up the entire Portland Trailblazer organization with this quote from the great Bob Cousy. “The fish stinks from the head”.

  • G4L

    Well he also has a third leg to fall or bounce on. Hahaha
    But didn’t ainge state after the draft he would have taken Durant with the overall pick. & imagine if the C’s wouldn’t of traded the #5 pick we would have had YI Jilian.. Nuf said.

  • Robby C

    2007 Draft lottery night was one of the worst nights of my life as a Celtics fan. Few have come close to giving me the feeling of sickness in my stomach that landing the #5 overall pick and missing out on Oden and Durant gave me. Thankfully it all turned out fantasticly.
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    -The Reggie Lewis news
    -2009 NBA finals game 7

  • JoeRemembers

    Nah. 09 Game 6 was the worst of that season. When they threw the game away with both hands. (Why? Who knows? Maybe it really was Sheed in the end. Or not.)

  • JoeRemembers

    Oden is reportedly a “nice guy”. But choosing him over Durant was a monumental, historic mistake on Portland’s part… one that was OBVIOUS as they made it. Why obvious? Because Greg Oden is clearly not pro athlete material. Never will be. He is, literally, a freak. Suffers from gigantism, a serious hormonal disease that often leads to a weak heart, and/or weak musculo-skeletal system, and/or many other physical problems. Oden will ALWAYS get injured, one way or another. He’s got a weak, screwed up, freak body that should never have been as big as it is, but for his disease. Portland actually chose this sick freak (meant LITERALLY, not as judgment) over Durant, one of the best NBA players of all time. You gotta be a complete idiot to make that kind of mistake. That…. or you’ve got SO much money that decisions like that don’t matter, I guess. There’s no other way to explain Portland’s idiotic decision.
    Now’s their opportunity to drop him. Like a hot potato. If they don’t… well, what can you say? Stupid is as stupid does. Whatever that means. Either way, that boy has NO future in the NBA. Period.

  • ShawnCVD

    Is it documented that he has this medical condition? If so I fully agree with your statement.
    If not it’s ridiculous to state your post as such. At least a IMHO would be in order….