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Semih Erden posterizes JaVale McGee


You know… I've seen guys take less contact on a flagrant foul.  Semih took a straight left right to the face…. and his face was nowhere near the ball.  Just sayin'…

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  • JoeRemembers

    U’r right… it was a Flagrant-1. Refs blew it (surprise surprise).

  • JD

    The officiating is so horrible I expect hell to freeze over when they make a good call.

  • Bryant

    Dude, forget the jam, that’s a sweet pass from Davis!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I was pissed that wasnt a flagrant. The Bulletts starters got tired of being abused by the C’s bench and this is what happens.
    Tommy said Semih “will learn to play with a broken nose”…..

  • thetitleisours


  • PP makes that same pass all the time, awesome. Semih got whacked! His reaction is awesome, no scream or whine, (and he’s a Euro?)

  • jared

    the guy is tough. Celtics material, so far.

  • green8teen

    i feel like turks are more of a russian european, rather than a italien or spanish european (aka SOFT).
    i’m looking at you, gasol and gallinari

  • KY Celts fan

    Seriously. Gasol screams in agony every time he touches the ball. Dude needs to get a grip.

  • KY Celts fan

    I think the refs got the call right here. Just a bad block attempt. It all happened so fast, I think that dude (McGee, was it?) was just trying to make a play and happened to hit Semih in the face. Same thing happened in the Rondo/Brad Miller incident, though this was less blatant.

  • JD

    This wasn’t any worse than the foul Shaq had on Lebron. Yet that one was a flagrant. I wish if the officials could improve in one area it would be consistency.

  • NorthernGreen

    McGee had been abused by the Celtics Bigs all night! This was done out of frustration, not that it makes it alright. Had this happened to Labron or Kobe or any other “star” it would have been a flagrant 1!

  • green8teen

    lebron would STILL be checking for blood!