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Ticket and Shaq bugging out to “GinoTime”

The Big Ticket could barely contain himself tonight when Gino made his first in-game appearance of the season.

He immediately got Shaq up off the bench to explain just what GinoTime is. If you don't know what GinoTime is, shame on you.

My good friend over at NBA Musings was awesome enough to share this video on her site:


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  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Great C’s, and the Big Fella is really something to watch!
    Yeah, Gino time!!!!
    One question: why the hell Luke Harangody was getting booed? What happened?

  • greenbeand

    at the end of the game why was the ref demanding the ball with 6 seconds left.. son of bitch made wafer look like an idiot

  • Matt

    It wasn’t boo.

  • Who’s site will you spam next? Ba-da-bing.

  • hopefully not this one

  • lkk9

    is there a way to get it on youtube? i cant see it:(

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Ok, good. But to me it sounded bad anyway, weird effect.

  • Steve

    Did you guys stay out too late last night? No game update?

  • BigMck

    Sorry. Didn’t have the energy to post a recap when I got home.
    Nice to know you guys like to read it.

  • ShawnCVD

    Shaq was crying he found this so funny. How could you not love this team?!?

  • It’s fantastic how much they love that celebration video. Great to see the big fella get in on it.