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Better shooting performance: The Pacers, or this chick in Taiwan?

RedsArmyAdmin November 17, 2010 Uncategorized 6 Comments


Last week, the Pacers dropped 54 points in the third quarter of a game against the Denver Nuggets by hitting 20 straight shots… many of them 3's.  

It was a very impressive shooting performance. 

But was it more impressive than this:

(Via Frumpzilla)

Yeah, Pacers… your 54 points in a 12 minute quarter is great and all.  But she just dropped 256 points in 60 seconds.  That's a per 48 number of 12,288.  

Top that!

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  • rob

    One thing’s for sure: that machine plays better D than the nuggets

  • http://profile.typepad.com/redsarmy Red’s Army


  • D

    I was exhausted just watching her! damn!

  • BigMck

    But what about the scores on the other machines? 760 and 853. Clearly she sucks.

  • Dave Meggett

    why no mention of the girl coming out of the bathroom, fresh off blowing an 8-ball off the toilet seat

  • ncy

    760? i thought the red number was the score, and she got 256. the other machine is 225 ..