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Your Morning Dump… 4 reasons the Celtics are playing well

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… By that measure the Celtics rank third in defensive rebounding, getting 77 percent of the available defensive rebounds. (The Bucks are a little bit better, while the Magic are far and away the best in the league at better than 81 percent). By comparison, the Celtics were right around league average last season, ranking 14th.


The Celtics rank second in the NBA in field goal percentage at 49 percent, just a tick behind Atlanta. They are also fifth in 3-point percentage, making 41 percent of their shots.

The interesting thing for the Celtics is that they are taking noticeably fewer 3’s than they did last season when they averaged more than 17 attempts per night. This season they have taken only 13.4 per game, the lowest number in the league.


They had an unsightly 54 turnovers in their first three games, but lately the trend has been improving. They had 61 in their last five games, which is just about where they need to be in order to be effective. Pierce has been better with the ball this season, but it’s been a team-wide effort.


Pierce has taken 14.5 shots per game, Allen is at 14.4 and Garnett checks in with 13.3 attempts. That balance makes them very difficult to guard because defenses are forced to play them straight-up and all three have made a comfortable living feasting on single coverage.

WEEI – Breaking down Celtics hot start

Paul Flannery does a great job analyzing the positives from the Celtics 8-2 start. While the rebounding and turnover numbers get the most attention, I love the balance and offensive efficiency.

Four fewer three point bombs per game? Oh Rasheed…

And you gotta give Rajon Rondo huge credit for these offensive numbers. He makes sure all the guys get their touches… and get great looks.

On Page 2, why Marquis Daniels might miss tomorrow's game.

Adding to the roster depth woes, the C’s could be without Marquis Daniels against the Wizards. The backup swingman’s absence from practice was excused.

“Marquis has a family issue,” Rivers said. “He probably will not be here (today) and may not even be back by (tomorrow).” . . .

Herald – West in, Jermaine out

And the carosel continues… with Quisy the latest to step off. Even with Delonte back, Daniels' absence should mean more minutes for Von Wafer who is better suited to play the 3.

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  • thetitleisours

    Seems we are testing our depth earlier than expected. Might turn put to be a good thing though

  • Kvasek

    As for the improved three point fg%, notice that we do not have Sheed anymore. Remember how many shots he could fire each night? Needless to say, he did not make that many.
    Rebounds – again, O’Neal and Baby (more minutes) do better job. Turns out Wallace was more a problem than a help last year.

  • GranTur

    Most of the problems last season were Rasheed’s fault but he didn’t care about the regular season 1%.
    In the playoffs Rasheed was spectacular.
    The big three won’t be entirely complacent in the regular season like Rasheed. Even with the injuries we should have a much more effective regular season. I stick by my 59 wins prediction.

  • BRADinLA

    Yeah, I still hope Rasheed makes a comeback to the C’s in the playoffs this year.

  • Classless

    Amazing what happens when the Bigs actually play near the hoop.

  • green8teen

    no way. he had his faults, but in the end, we needed him without better options out there.
    remember who our backup big man was the year before? it was mikki moore. need i say more?

  • KY Celts fan

    It’s just a family issue with Quis. It’s not an injury so he won’t be gone long turn. An if there was a game to miss, a Wall-less Wizards team is ideal. Even with Wall, the Wiz are terrible in offense and defense. Crossing my fingers for a blowout!

  • Ball only lied to me once

    KG is the big difference on the boards. In fact, KG is the big difference to this season’s start. People seem to white wash how injured he was last year (and though better in the playoffs, didn’t look like he does now). This is a and will continue to be a huge difference maker this year.