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Desperate Heat beg fans, ban critics

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Times have been better in Miami.  They're taking a bit of… um… uh…. well, you know… for not living up to everyone's insane expectations (including their own).  And its not just the team that has been less than expected.  The fans haven't exactly stepped up either (exhibit A: the scene at the buzzer in an OT thriller vs. Utah.  That's a lot of empty seats).  

So the Heat have resorted to flat out BEGGING fans to act like fans. 

Yes, what you're reading in that photo is an INSTRUCTIONAL HAND OUT on how to be a basketball fan.  If that's not bad enough… there's a VIDEO to go with it… asking people to show up on time and to cheer. 

Let that sink in for a minute.  The Heat are handing out a manual and an instructional video on how to be a fan.  

But wait… there's more.

A writer for had some particularly harsh words about LeBron… calling him "The whore of Akron."  Miami's response:  They banned the guy.  

Touchy, touchy.  

I'm on record as saying the Heat deserve a little humble pie after the events of this summer.  I think they came off as celebrating a title like it was suddenly their birthright.  So a little early-season struggling is a nice little dose of humility.  But I had no idea that the Heat were so desperate.  Begging fans and banning a guy for expressing an opinion (an extremely harsh and bitter one, but an opinion nonetheless) comes off pretty bad.  It smacks of a franchise more interested in image than substance.  

"Please, fans, make us look good.  And no, Mr. writer, you can't say bad things.  Away with you.  Smiles everyone.  SMILES!!"

If anyone needs an instruction manual, it the Heat front office.  You guys have no idea how to handle the big time… and this makes it pretty obvious.

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  • Wow. That is so bad. I know the economy is bad, but the amount of empty seats is ridiculous. Big kudos John for the Fantasy Island reference..

  • CFH

    They have to bribe “fans” to get them to show up on time?
    That’s… special.

  • KY Celts fan

    Are tickets in South Beach that expensive that the Heat have to play to half full arena even with the over-hyped team they’ve assembled? What a crappy city. What does the building look like in a bad year?

  • Classless

    If there was any doubt Miami is a shitty sports town, this removes all of it.

  • Here is a way to silence the critics: Play the way u were expected to play!!!!!

  • Funniest damn post in while…

  • Section328

    Didn’t the HEAT ticket sales department all get canned this summer once they “sold out”??? This team/organization/fan-base is soooo easy to dislike.

  • ShawnCVD

    The MIA stands for Missing In Action when it comes to those fans

  • Classic.v

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I noticed empty seats (LOTS of empty seats..) every game it happened to me to watch.
    But, apart C’s, Knicks, Fakers and maybe 2 or other 3 teams, I always see half-empty arenas. I mean, a Minnesota at Detroit match is puuure depression!
    I’d never expect that kind of depression at Miami.

  • They ripped off Stan Lee (SPiderman) in their begging hand out too, one more thing they couldn’t come up with on their own.

  • bigpartymaker

    Yeah this is nothing new. My people in Miami have been telling me that it’s an awful sports city for years