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Carmelo not ruling out the Celtics


Via Peter Vecsey of the NY Post:

I'm admittedly slow on the uptake, but Anthony gave me the impression he's singularly interested in playing for a team in the habit of inhabiting first place and bedding championships — you know, like the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs.

So, I was not all that surprised when Anthony revealed to The Post he has not expunged any of those three teams from his bottomless pit of gaping options.

The re-signing of Paul Pierce essentially killed any chance the Celtics had of landing Melo.

Not to mention, the Celtics have nothing to offer in return (Denver would ask for Rondo, Danny would politely decline).

File under: It will never happen but it's a slow news day so we throw it out there.

(h/t Celtics Town)

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  • greenbeans

    Ray, Avery Bradley, Davis and a 1st, Make it happen Danny!

  • greenbeand

    maybe for veteran min, we have PP

  • Classless

    Why even post this? This is worse than the “Steve Nash is retiring”gossip

  • Lee in Oregon

    If Melo watched the Knicks last night, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to “get out of Denver” (Bob Seger, anyone?). The Knicks suck, and as long as D’Antoni is there with his wack offense and no D, that team is going nowhere.

  • jared

    Unconvinced he would even fit in Boston. Can the guy play defense?
    I think his lackadaisical attitude sucks.
    Completely irrelevant in any case.

  • Steve

    JO, Wafer, Bradley, first round pick for Carmelo. Then trade Melo for another big we can use.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Wishful thinking… I would love to see Melo’ in green though. Always been a fan of his game, so much like Paul Pierce

  • Steve

    Sure…take our complete trash players and give us your best

  • Steve

    He is a lot like PP not the most athletic but can score in a lot of ways, and has a complete game to go along with it.

  • tim

    jermaine oneal semih quis first round pick and either nate/delotne/avery bradely whichever one they wanted more

  • tim

    and i dont no about melo but i would like to see the celtics try and get rudy fernandez if we could trade quis a first round pikc and one mroe player for rudy whoeever it be, the celtics bench would be unstoppable offensivly in my mind as well as be bolstered by a player who moves better defenssivly then marquis

  • Stan

    melo wouldn’t fit in. they’ll have to rebuild their team chemistry from zero again. case in point: miami heat

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m a big fan of Rudy too, but give up on that. He’s having a bad year and they want more than our late 1st rounder. There’s no way Denver would settle for the end of our bench for Melo. Salaries dont match up either. They would have to include a big salary player. Obviously the Celts wouldnt trade Rondo for him. That pretty much leaves Ray, who’s having another great year. Ray & baby & young guys/picks would fit but I just dont see that happening. But can you imagine PP sliding back to the 2 spot and Melo at the 3?

  • p dogg

    When perk comes back forget melo,he would destroy the celtics chemistry.They should look to trade JO and Daniels for rudy fernadez.And try to pick up another bigg until Big Perk returns.I wonder what rasheed wallace is doing.