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An oop so nice, it even made Rondo smile


I don't know why Rondo loved this alley to KG so much… but its the most emotion I've ever seen outta him after one of these plays.  

It's so simple too.  "Oh, Gasol is napping while all my teammates have cleared the lane?  Let me just jab step him and run to the hoop where Rondo will undoubtedly have thrown a perfect pass that only I can catch and slam home."

So pretty.

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  • green8teen

    the fact that we didn’t see this last year was just another thing that made me think the old KG was done for good. obviously, i am very glad i was wrong, i really missed this.


    Great to see KG get up for these still. His rebounding average shows he can still get it done…long may it continue – The C’s are finding different people to get the W each night – Ray was quiet most of the night last night until late on. PP used his talents well (that tweet was pure comedic genius!!)….and the Big Shamrock produced too….
    Thanks for all the vids you’re posting too guys – I’m seeing no games over here in NZ but I’m watching lots of stuff on here so cheers…

  • Lee in Oregon

    KG and Ray are both looking great, a testament to thier off-season regiments.
    Delonte is back! Cant wait to see him in the rotation.

  • TJames

    Oh how I missed the Rondo KG alley oops last season