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Remnants From South Beach: Tommy’s Thoughts and the Unaware Miami Residents

As the Celtics wrap up their four game road trip with a tilt against the Memphis Grizzlies, there were a couple of tidbits left over from the vault.  The first clip, you'll hear Tommy Heinsohn's post-game thoughts about Miami's chemistry and LeBron James.  In the second clip, you'll see Greg Dickerson and Donny Marshall take their interviewing talents to the actual South Beach, discovering some interesting things about the Miami residents.



Oh and uhh, one more bonus clip: Charles Barkley's pre-game prediction:


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  • Some big three!!!! Miami is only a .500 team. weren’t they supposed to dominate the league? I credit Karma for this. take That Lebron with ur DAMN DECISION 2010

  • Nick

    GAHHHHHBAGE fucking flagrant call. What should be tap him on his arm so he gets a 3 point play?!? BOTTOM LINE… if u don’t hammer Lebron he gets a 3 point play, fucking bullshit refs are on the lakers and heats dicks. Its o.k though because our greatness will prevail over all the injustices

  • RDV

    Refs will come whistling on any guy if he so much as looks cross-eyed at LBJ. Might as well bang him hard out there. Doesn’t make a fucking difference. I like this Heisohn guy.

  • Classless

    I’m not really sure why people breathlessly say Lebron James is the best player in the league. His game has degenerated into garbage; he runs straight ahead, shoulder dipped, and prays he gets a call (which he does). His shot has not improved in 7 years (it’s wildly inconsistent, think Jason Kidd). Despite his passing prowess, he doesn’t seem to make his allegedly talented teammates any better. I don’t get it. Am I missing something, or does getting 22 FT’s a sign of talent or bias?

  • JD

    It doesn’t take much skill to lower your head and bulldoze your way to the hoop where you will get a basket and/or a gift from the officials.

  • PPsucks

    Wow!! thats sad…..i think Shaq in 04 made a bigger splash by himself than the 3 stooges

  • Goceltics

    Charles Barkley. always disses us, I think he does it just to piss our veterans off. He said the same thing about the C`s last year in the palyoffs, till KG shut him up.