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Erik Spoelstra is wrong about Rajon Rondo

Rondo dunks on bosh

Let me start with a couple of things:  

1: That's a nasty poster.  The dumb look on Bosh as he lightly caresses his abdomen makes it that much better.

2: The headline is culled from what I read in Jackie MacMullan's latest piece.  I'd call it fantastic… but that'd be redundant because she wrote it… ergo, it's fantastic.

The piece is all about Rondo being awesome.  Which brings us to Spoelstra's quote:

"Rondo is as a unique a point guard as has been in this league for a long time,'' said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. "He's so fast. He gets the overwhelming majority of his plays in random, unscripted situations. It's his creativity and speed that separates him. You are talking about the best passer, arguably, in the game."

That's wrong.  I'm not sure people understand what Rondo has been saying.  I'm going to use the same link I used to kick off the Morning Dump… Rondo in the Globe:

"That’s the kind of chemistry [we have]. I know where Ray’s going to be, I know where he wants the ball. I can almost throw some blind passes once in a while.’’

I'm sorry Coach Spo (can I call you Coach Spo?)… but there is NOTHING unscripted about Rajon Rondo and the Celtics.

I know what he's trying to say.  He's trying to say Rondo makes a ton of plays when he's out on the break, in transition, and not running set plays.  But to say it's not scripted is wrong. 

Rondo knows where everyone is going to be on the floor, even if its out on the break.  Have you ever seen Rondo dribble into the middle of the lane, jump, get into trouble, and whip a pass to a spot that just happens to be occupied by a guy in Green? 

It goes back to the chemistry thing.  The Celtics know where to be to get the ball from Rondo… and Rondo knows where those guys want it.  So you could shake the court up like a snow globe and Rondo will find someone because those guys will all settle into the same spots.  

It's not random.  It's not unscripted.  They know what they're doing.

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  • josh

    where did you get that pic from? great shot

  • josh

    found it… espn photos via getty images. good stuff

  • Lee in Oregon

    Shoulda been a foul on that “abdomen caress”….

  • Classless

    Goes to show you how clueless Spoelestra is. The Riley clock is ticking…

  • greenbeand

    yeah its only one game, but the heat looked very flat

  • This is actully the second game. This one was as bad for the heat as the first one.