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Shaq to play, Semih needs surgery

Chuck - Red's Army November 11, 2010 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Shaq to play, Semih needs surgery

Shaquille O'Neal will play tonight vs the Heat. Jermaine O'Neal probably will not. ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg has the details:

"[The knee] was a little sore last night, but I was sore all over, I'll be all right," said (Shaquille) O'Neal, nodding when asked if he expects to play Thursday. "I can handle minor pain, but I was having pain when I stepped. If there's pain when I'm stepping, what's going to happen when I try to run? I don't have that pain any more, just some little knots in my calf. I'll be all right."

Jermaine O'Neal was far less optimistic, expressing concern that swelling in his left knee, which developed after a game in Cleveland last month, could force him to the sideline for an extended break.

"To be honest, [the knee] feels the same as [Wednesday]," said O'Neal, admitting the lack of progress after two off-days is frustrating. "It's coming to the point where, I may have to just take time off. We have a great staff, great doctors, but the swelling — the body reacts to something and I just gotta put my hand on it, what it's reacting to. It's become painful — painful to run and stuff like that.

"It's more likely that I won't play tonight, and if I don't play tonight, I probably won't play any more this trip, just to give it some time."

Regarding Semih's bum shoulder:

"[Erden's] shoulder is what it is, it's not in great shape," Rivers said. "He'll have to have something done on it eventually. We're just hoping to get through the year, at least get through to [Perkins' return]. That's basically what we're thinking. We basically have to somehow get these three guys to survive until Perk comes back, and that's what we're trying to do."

Remember when we didn't think there would be room for Perk?

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Damn good thing it’s only November, but that’s also the bad news. Jermaine worries me the most. Somehow he played 70 games last year, but as we’ve said before, the guy is ALWAYS hurt. Sheldon Williams, by the way, is starting in Denver and off to a good start. I think we’ll be okay though if Semih can tough it out. Would love to see Semih in the rookie game at all-star weekend.

  • FSantos33

    Fu** looks like my first instincts were right. All 3 free agents Ainge signed are washed up and they haven’t even played ten games yet. Delonte could help when he comes back from the suspension but he has back issues and mental issues. That could be a problem.
    Shaq and J.O. UGH! Gezz, made out of glass. On a positive note hoping to just get the injuries out of the way now and be healthy later. Wishful thinking on my part. I still love to have House over Nate. What a dumb trade that turned out to be.
    Semih’s shoulder injury doesn’t sound good either, he isn’t used to all the banging in the paint and has to bulk up more to be NBA ready. Get some rest.

  • As long as these are treatable in season and they aren’t serious, no problem and take the rest.
    Doc still needs to manage the Big 3’s minutes, and we can’t overreact either. I’m still happy with Nate. Eddie can’t bring the ball up, and with Nate doing it ‘Quis can do his thing, which means Baby can do his, and so on. It will be even better when Bradley is ready.

  • thetitleisours

    Maybe it is time to let Wafer go and sign Magnum Rolle off of the Maine roster before someone else gets him
    “The Pacers seem to be very impressed with rookie Magnum Rolle, who looked great in Wednesday’s practice.
    “He’s so athletic,” coach Jim O’Brien said. “He is extremely quick to the offensive glass. Because offensively he’s always a threat from 17 feet away, a lot of the offensive rebounds he gets are away from the basket. It’s hard to put a body on somebody that quick.” He shouldn’t have fantasy value, but is a nice sleeper in dynasty leagues that only have a rookie draft.
    Source: Indianapolis Star ”

  • I can’t wait until Perk is back. I’m already tired with the Jermaine’s constant boo boo’s.

  • Durhur

    Dampier and Rasheed Wallace are out there.
    Or, you could go and pray to jesus like they do over at celticsblog.
    What the hell happened to the basketball bloggery in this town?

  • thetitleisours

    Wish we could get Baby to grow a couple more inches taller 😉

  • ShawnCVD

    Baby’s fine as he is…wouldn’t be nearly as fast or nimble for his bulk if taller. He patrols the paint pretty well with all those charges he’s been drawing.
    I thought Dampier signed somewhere? Sheed won’t be back with the C’s barring apocalyptic injuries to the center position.