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Recap: Celtics beat the Heat… again.


I confess. I was one of the many who predicted a double-digit loss for the Celtics. The Heat had too much to prove… or so I thought.

Let's start with the obvious, Ray Allen was brilliant – 35 points, 13-23 FG, 7-9 3FG. Dwyane Wade was awful – 8 points, 2-12 FG, 6 TOs.

The Celtics led this game from start to finish. They took a 15 point lead into the half thanks to 60+% shooting. Paul Pierce scored 11 of his 25 in the 2nd quarter. He repeatedly torched Jerry Stackhouse.

The offense was crisp. The ball movement was spectacular. Rajon Rondo (8 points, 16 assists, 2 steals) was the reason.

The Cs were making all the hustle plays. KG (16 points, 13 rebounds) and Glen Davis (6 points, 9 rebounds) both made spectacular tip-ins with their left hands.

Nate Robinson was clutch at the start of the 4th quarter. With the Cs clinging to a 10 point lead, Nate had 6 points and 2 assists to keep Miami at bay.

LeBron James (35 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists) single-handedly led the Heat comeback. He got a lot of help from… the referees (17 – 22 FTs). James lowers his head, bulls his way into the lane and gets all the calls.

Udonis Haslem (21 points, 9-10 FG 10 rebounds) was money. Chris Bosh should cut him a check.

The final few minutes of the game were strange. The Celtics made some mental mistakes, taking shots instead of running clock. Ray Allen had a dunk blocked (I swear that was a goaltend). And down 7 with 1 minute left, Lebron had an open 3 and hit the side of the backboard.

Shaquille O'Neal (5 points, 7 rebounds) was whistled for a BS flagrant 1 foul on LeBron in the 3rd quarter. Was it a hard foul? Yes. But the foul didn't even knock LeBron off his feet.

Box score | Recap

After the jump, Rondo's spectacular dunk over Chris Bosh.


Thanks to @jose3030 for the GIFs.

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  • rico

    bosh got ronddddddddddooooooooooooo’dddddddddddddddd

  • I love this win…on the road, with Miami having something to prove, this was great!

  • green8teen

    I didn’t think it was a goal tend cuz ray still had the ball in his hands. He DID slam into ray however, so it should have been a foul.
    Waaaaay too many free throws for lebron, it was atrocious. He did not deserve those 2 he missed right at the end. Unlike normal though, I didn’t see many phantom foul calls. It was more like they’d whistle at the slightest contact, which is just as frustrating to have to watch…
    Anyways, great game and I will take it!

  • Nora

    This is a double digit win if the refs called things consistently on both sides. 20 FTs for Drama queen whining Lebron is ridiculous. I mean he literally acted like he was dying everytime he ran into a player to get the call.

  • NineSevenEight

    Bosh the ball watcher/washer. Got an easy dunk and acted all hard…down double digits. Only issue I had at the end of the game was the lack of driving into the paint. Get to the line boys! It was absurd watching Lebron go almost as many times as the good guys. Still ecstatic about this win being in foul trouble and down bodies. Early on it looked like Nate needed Delonte more than Gloria, but he came through in the second half. One more game til the return of Redz.

  • NineSevenEight

    Btw, like the rest of the world thought: that tech on Nate was utter bullshit, just like the flagrant on Shaq.

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THERE KARALIS….Aren’t you the one who thinks the refs never have an effect on the game?? You even did an article about it. Tonight proved what I have been saying time and time again….THE NBA AND THEIR REFS WILL TRY TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SCREW BOSTON. Shaq got ran into by Lebron, Flagrant. Nate shrugs his shoulders at Doc, Technical. Lebron screams “BULLSHIT” at the ref over and over again, no technical. Pierce CLEARLY gets tackled by Haslem on an inbounds play, no call. Ray gets fouled by haslem on his dunk attempt, no call. Ray doesn’t touch Lebron on a late drive, foul on Ray. Semih is still for a 2 count, Lebron runs into him and falls down like Tyson hit him, foul on Semih. What made it worse was even Reggie Miller saw what was going down.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ROAD W in MIAMI! watching LeBron lose is more fun than ever.

  • Mike Munger–Return to the Rafters

    And then you see the Lakers getting every call under the sun IN DENVER!!!! We don’t get the calls at home other teams get on the road.

  • Nora

    That is what I saw too. Basically Lebron bulldozing into players standing still and getting a call. If everyone got these calls they could score 30 a night too lol

  • TJames

    Love Ray drilling a three and smiling over at Reggie.

  • Tal Edelstein

    the refs were absolutely awful tonight for three (standout) reasons:
    1. nate gets called for a tech on absolutely nothing and lebron get nothing for doing a dance and making faces at the refs after a foul
    2. that shaq flagrant foul was so bad my laker friends agreed it was a bad call
    3. lebron with 22 FT… it seems like all he, durant, and kobe have to do to get a foul is dribble to the rim and miss the shot
    all that and the celtics still win… i love it

  • MIA = Missing in action…gotta love it…they ought change their name from heat to burnt..gotta admit, in the 1st qtr, eddie house was scaring me a bit, but he faded quickly.. as usual Celts couldn’t get a whistle, and lebron got the fouls that never happened..but..looks like the C’s knew that was coming, Ray sure did! Awesome game!

  • The whistling at the slightest contact was only when it was a heat possesion..and they’ re crying that teams are getting to “chippy” with them..what nonsense.
    Theyre gettin so much help from the officials, it’s sickening..Lebron had almost the same amount the whole celtics team had, and 41-25?? come on

  • Classless

    Pat Riley was writing trade proposals for Bosh on that piece of paper after Rondo dangled his junk in his face.

  • “They will break the single-season win record [of 72]. And I think they have a legit shot at the Lakers’ 33-game streak, as well. … They will never lose two games in a row this year.” -JVG
    Sorry Jeff, they just lost 2 in a row AT HOME.
    I think it is about time for ESPN to ditch the “Chase for 72” section on their stupid “Heat Index” page.

  • Rondooed

    nice one classless, i think he is missing toronto

  • nick

    This is the best Celtics team I’ve ever seen. They have it all, every single thing a championship team needs to function and prosper, we have it.
    All i have to say is 18

  • KY Celts fan

    Bosh still played better than Wade.

  • jj


  • Matt

    Charles Barkley in the pre-game show:
    Heat will kill the Celtics tonight.
    How’d that prediction turn out Chuck?

  • mileke

    I loved this win, i believe this proves who should finish at the top of the conference this year ! like can we get all that credit that we lost over the summer?? Miami is waayyy overrated ! celtics 7-2 #1 in eastern conference !

  • aaron

    i am really getting tired of lebron. you said it best, he lowers his head and just bull rushes into the lane. that isnt basketball. frankly it ruins the sport.

  • John didn’t write that blog, I did.

  • I know the Heat will get it together, but I’d love for them to stumble around for the season and finish with 41-45 wins. Like about the 6-8 seed. Just so everybody hyping them up will look so stupid, and it will show how special the 07-08 C’s were, that not just any 3 great players can be thrown together and championships come automatically.

  • The Truth is Here

    Reggie was great. As a person who never likes to stray away from mike and tommy, reggie miller was on point. His commentary on ray allen was fantastic, and he called out the refs when some suspicious shit was going down. Good W for the C’s…

  • JD

    I wouldn’t say they are trying to screw the Celtics more like helping the Lebron and the Heat.

  • ShawnCVD

    Agreed…and LeBron over acted on that illegal screen…looked up at the jumbo tron to see the replay…then shook his head/arms in a little tantrum…nothing. That fool earned himself 4 technicals based on the new rules on that sequence alone.

  • ShawnCVD

    Reggie really showed he was a fan of the league by acknowledging and celebrating Ray’s soon to be breaking of his own record. Very classy. I”d like him to be calling when Jesus finally does it.

  • Classless

    No need to dignify Barkley’s ramblings. He’s almost always wrong on that show. He spent all of 2007-08 saying Boston was a jump shooting team and couldn’t win. Now this year, because Wade is his commercial buddy, he’s going to ride that train until Miami is eliminated.

  • Classless

    In general, he’s good…but it would be nice for him not to interject his now 5 year dormant career into the telecast every 5 seconds.