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Celtics @ Mavericks G8 GreenLights

The Celtics continued their tough road trip with a matchup in Dallas against the Mavericks.  The Mavs were coming off a home loss against the Denver Nuggets while the C's were playing the second night of a back-to-back, winning the previous night with an impressive win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Not surprisingly, the C's started off sluggish and sloppy, missing a ton of shots early on.

They turned on the proverbial switch in the second half, but couldn't score a basket in the final two minutes of the game.  They let this one slip away, but there's nothing to hang their heads over a 6-2 start.  Rajon Rondo missed a wide open three to take the lead, but he needs to take that shot to further continue his development.  Here are some of the "GreenLights" below:

Q1: The game begins with the Celtics winning the tap, then Pierce backing in for a turnaround jumper to get things going.  Other highlights include:

  • Kevin Garnett with a rebound, getting it to Rondo who drills the pull-up jumper in transition
  • Jermaine O'Neal with the nice block on a Caron Butler drive
  • Rondo with the hesitation dribble-drive to the hoop for two
  • KG and Paul Pierce with some activity under the hoop to gain possession of the ball
  • Excellent hustle on the offensive glass
  • Rondo to KG for the alley-oop
  • Big Baby with the steal, leading to a Pierce lay-up
  • Rondo stealing Dirk's money, then jamming it home
  • KG with a jumper that swishes so loud it nearly destroys the microphone on the hoop
  • Rondo says "NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!" to Jason Kidd
  • Big Baby with some solid post defense on Dirk
  • Big Baby knocking down the jumper one the C's final possession


Q2: The ugly second quarter begins with a nice night shot of Dallas, followed by Quis finding Semih Erden underneath for the slam.  Other highlights include:

  • A smooth Ray Allen elbow jumper
  • Nate Robinson knocking down a three
  • Gumby making a road appearance
  • Semih rebounding
  • Quis knocking down the jumper off a broken play
  • Pierce with the jumper
  • JO with a nice left-handed lay-in
  • Another smooth Ray Allen jumper
  • Pierce taking it to the basket, drawing the foul on Tyson Chandler
  • Big Baby drawing another charge, Caron Butler is his victim this time
  • Pierce with the runner to end the half, then Rondo steals the inbounds pass and nearly tosses in a circus shot


Q3:The third quarter begins with Pierce rattling in a three.  Other highlights include:

  • KG with a loud rebound
  • KG 'doin work in the post on Chandler
  • KG to Rondo to Big Baby for two
  • Ray not giving up after getting his lay-up blocked, then scores
  • Rondo with an amazing left-handed pass to Pierce for the lay-up
  • Some high energy defense leading to an eventual Pierce transitional lay-up
  • Solid defense forcing Kidd to launch a deep three that is missed
  • KG drilling a jumper
  • The C's defense forcing a rare 5-second violation on the inbounds pass
  • Pierce with the pull-up jumper
  • Another glorious Rondo to KG alley-oop
  • Contrasting two UConn players: Butler bricking a three, then Ray immediately swishes home his own three for a 6-point swing
  • KG with a viscious jab-step jumper over Chandler
  • Pierce raining down a three
  • Big Baby with the jumper to beat the shot clock


Q4: The final quarter begins with Nate blocking a Jose Juan Barea jumper, leading to a fast break.  Other highlights include:

  • KG backing down Jason Terry and nailing the jumper over him
  • KG drilling a jumper as the shot-clock expires
  • A poke-away steal by Rondo leading to a Marquis lay-up
  • Yet another Rondo to KG alley-oop
  • C's D forcing a 24-second shot clock violation
  • Rondo breaking out for an and 1
  • Rondo stepping into a jumper
  • C's forcing Kidd to toss the ball away and turning it over
  • Pierce with the jumper at the top of the key
  • Jason Terry's clutch three
  • KG's missed lay-up
  • Dirk's jumper over Big Baby
  • Rondo's missed three
  • KG's missed turnaround jumper to seal the loss


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