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Big Baby Taking Charge

During the Celtics training camp, the team seemed like they were forming one big and happy family.  They were taking their practices seriously while finding plenty of time to mess around afterwards.  Except for Glen Davis who seemed to be searching for his role.  Fast-forward to 8 games into the season, and Big Baby has been (no pun intended) huge for this team as their 6th man.  And really, he's been their closing center as well.

His shooting has been superb, as well as his overall stats thus far: 12.3 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 57% FG, 90% FT, 62.2% TS, all in 30.5 minutes per game.  He's been invaluable, especially with Kendrick Perkins being out as well as the O'Neal brothers being in and out of the lineup.  That mid-range jumper has become as sure as a direct deposit, but perhaps his most impressive attribute is his penchant for drawing charges on the opposition.  Take a look at his 14 victims thus far:

  • Miami Heat: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade
  • Clevaland Cavaliers: Ramon Sessions, J.J. Hickson
  • New York Knicks: Wilson Chandler
  • Detroit Pistons: Ben Gordon, Ben Wallace
  • Milwaukee Bucks: Ersan Illyasova, Drew Gooden
  • Chicago Bulls: Luol Deng, James Johnson
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: James Harden, Russell Westbrook
  • Dallas Mavericks: Caron Butler

Simply amazing work, as he leads the team with 14 drawn charges.  Below is a video of all 14 charges thus far.  Big thanks goes out to ESPNBoston's Chris Forsberg who has been compiling the list all season long.


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  • thetitleisours

    Wonder how this team can sign both Perk and Baby with the contracts they will probably be asking?

  • Jeff

    Is there a site that tracks charges taken league-wide?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Alot of us are gonna be wondering that same question. Hopefully not till June though.

  • greenbeand

    shaq’s taken a few too

  • Baby is putting that bulk to good use. Way to take those charges Glen!!!!

  • Time for a blockbuster trade

    He’s really got the timing/acting down perfectly. Its almost funny to watch.

  • Dutchgreen

    The best thing about this is probably that whenever Baby goes down the refs will be thinking “offensive foul” immediately as DAvis is establishing a rep for taking the charge. That can only help us in close games, right?
    As for the resigning Perk and Baby comments, I’m curious too…but there’s just no way of telling what they will be asking for and what they can rightfully get with the new CBA (possibly with a hard cap) and possible lockout coming after we get banner 18