KG on Ring Night in LA: “We don’t care, stay tuned” | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans
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KG on Ring Night in LA: “We don’t care, stay tuned”

Just after defeating the Miami Heat on opening night, KG was told that the LA Lakers were getting their championship rings right now. KG's message: "We don't care… stay tuned."


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  • Phil McCracken

    Wait, isn’t ring night in Miami Thursday where they give LeBaby his pre-ordained binky from the bubblegum machine?

  • Nora

    Perfect response to the usual media goading

  • Lee in Oregon

    I love that old guy who is head of security. I assume he’s some kind of bad-ass ex-marine/cop type who can kick ass in his sleep. He never leaves a man behind either. You guys should do a piece about him. Is that not one of the coolest jobs on the planet?

  • PPsucks


  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Bet your a** he cared. He’s not a Back to Back NBA World Champion. You know that just bugs the sh*t out of him and you know it bugs the sh*t out of him that the Lakers have gotten better.
    BTW: 8-0

  • Nora

    BTW they almost lost to the Wolves lol. 8-0 means nothing

  • Nora

    When they play a real team and beat them let me know, who is the toughest team they played? Easy sch. as usual for the Lakers

  • Nora

    Celtics have gotten better too and KG was hurt last year and still got to game 7. You better hope there are some injuries again this year that is the only reason Lakers were able to win.

  • PPsucks

    ALMOST being the key word……and the hell that 8-0 means nothing….and why are you complaining about KGs injuries? you pathetic fans always making excuses….just like Doc…….stupid paper champs

  • firetiger

    can’t touch LA…KG is Bynum’s bitch!!!

  • FEARLA2011

    HAHAHAHAHA That was a funny video..
    I hope KG’s ready to say that again next year….STAY TUNED!

  • FEARLA2011

    Whining about the Lakers schedule I see?

  • LOL really? How many times have you cried the “if we only had Bynum, we wouldn’t have gotten smoked 131-92 in Game 6”?
    You can have your glass center and keep hoping for a +20 FT advantage in playoff games. That’s apparently the only way you can win.