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Celtics vs Bulls G6 GreenLights

After a thrilling overtime victory over the Milwaukee Bucks at the TD Garden, the Celtics gave their fans yet another heart-racing OT win against the Chicago Bulls.  It was the co-returns of ex-Celtic legend (ok, legendary in his own way) Brian Scalabrine and ex-Celtic assistant coach Tom Thibodeau.  The C's were able to build a large lead but once again allowed the Bulls to come storming back to send it into OT.  Rajon Rondo played some stellar one-on-one defense on Derrick Rose to force the OT, where Ray Allen's one-handed slam sealed the win.

Oh by the way, I'm renaming these highlights the "GreenLights" since they're clearly all Celtic highlights.  Just a side note, no onto what everyone really cares about, the video:

Q1: The first quarter begins with a solid opening defensive set leading to a missed shot by Luol Deng.  Other highlights include:

  • Ray Allen coming off a curl for an elbow jumper
  • Jermaine O'Neal taking a charge
  • Ray draining a three
  • Good transition defense eventually leading to their own lay-up in transition, by Ray Allen
  • KG grabbing boards like it's 2004
  • JO with a baseline jumper
  • Rondo with the sneaky steal, then laying it in
  • JO challenging the Bulls driving attack
  • Standing ovation for Scal
  • Big Baby with the steal, leading to a Ray Allen lay-up
  • Another solid defensive set
  • KG hustling back in transition
  • Big Baby drawing the charge
  • Marquis Daniels 'doin work in the post


Q2: The second quarter begins with Nate Robinson attacking the hoop.  Other highlights include:

  • Big Baby playing stellar one-on-one post defense on Joakim Noah
  • Big Baby and Semih Erden combining for a nice block
  • Scal's entrance into the game
  • Semih keeping a possession alive
  • Big Baby taking another charge
  • Two very impressive defensive sets
  • Two solid scoring moves in the post by Marquis
  • Rondo driving to the basket, dishing to Marquis
  • Greg Dickerson relaying a message to Tommy Heinsohn from Scal, who wants his job
  • Rondo with back-to-back steals: one comes up empty, the other leads to a ferocious KG slam
  • Rondo to Marquis to Big Baby for two
  • Pierce with the classic elbow jumper
  • Dueling dunks by Taj Gibson and KG
  • C's forcing turnovers
  • Big Baby getting a very kind bounce on his jump-shot
  • KG with the nice move to the basket
  • Good defense to end the half


Q3: The second half begins with a vintage KG turn-around jumper.  Other highlights include:

  • Solid team defense forcing a bad shot by Luol Deng
  • Consecutive assists from KG out of the post: first he quickly recognizes the double team and finds a cutting JO, then with single-coverage, he dishes to a cutting Rondo
  • KG getting under Noah's skin
  • JO with the turnaround jumper, and 1
  • JO with a smooth jumper
  • Ray Allen with a 4-point play, and poses after making the shot
  • KG with the baseline jumper
  • Ray Allen with the floater in the lane
  • Nate drilling the straight-away jumper


Q4: The fourth (but not final) quarter begins with Semih and Big Baby crashing the defensive boards.  Other highlights include:

  • Nate raining down a three right in front of Chicago's bench
  • Marquis hanging for two
  • Ray picking off a weak pass
  • JO draining another jumper
  • KG drilling another baseline jumper
  • KG and JO blocking Noah
  • Rondo coasting to the hoop for two lay-ups
  • Kyle Korver turning the ball over, leading to a Ray Allen lay-up, and 1
  • Excellent team post defense on Noah
  • Paul Pierce tipping in a Rondo missed lay-up
  • Big Baby and KG with mirrored spot-up jumpers
  • Rondo's stellar one-on-one defense on Derrick Rose to send the game into OT



OT: The extra session begins with a step-away jumper by Pierce.  Other highlights include:

  • Big Baby knocking down a jumper
  • Ray Ray for three
  • Rondo finding Pierce on a beautiful backdoor cut for two
  • Rose's offensive foul on KG
  • Ray Allen's one-handed slam to seal the win
  • KG's hustle to knock away the ball from Noah, who is trying to play point guard


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  • Jake

    Thanks a lot, this is the only way I’m able to watch Celtic games(in this far corner of our planet). True kindness my friend. Please keep up the good work. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the kind words, glad that you like them and can enjoy Celtics basketball.

  • jj

    love how they hug thibs at the end