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Shaq is challenging everybody to everything

Shaq the rower

When Shaq challenges you to a race on the Charles, there’s only one way to respond: “Game on.”

The basketball star expressed his intentions to race against Harvard’s top rowers in a four with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce.

My first thought was “Really, Shaq? Are you sure you don’t want a coxswain?” The Charles is pretty tricky. Perhaps Shaq should recruit a coxswain who knows the river. But knowing O’Neal, he’ll probably just throw Rajon Rondo or Nate Robinson in the bow and hope for the best. (Good luck on the Weeks turn.)

A race between the Celtics and the Crimson has the potential to be one of the most fantastically entertaining events this river has ever seen.

Who could resist a showdown between the city’s two most successful teams?

Harvard Crimson (via the Herald)

If there's a bad coxswain joke, I haven't heard it. 

Basically… if someone's doing something competitive out there… Shaq will challenge you.  I'm still waiting for Shaq to challenge me in a blogging contest. 

Whaddya say, Shaq… wit vs. wit…. keyboard vs. keyboard… some…. other thing…. vs. ummm… 

I dunno where I was going with that.

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  • Robby C

    His program “Shaq vs” was actually pretty entertaining. I’d like to see him keep that up and an episode featuring the Celts vs the Crimson sounds like must see TV.

  • DH

    I would love to see this on Shaq Vs as well. Nate would def have to be the coxswain, you need the smallest person possible!