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Rondo Baits Westbrook into Fouling him

By now it's no secret that Rajon Rondo can do some amazing things on the basketball court.  If you aren't aware of this, then allow me to quote Emperor Palpatine from Return of the Jedi: "I think it is YOU who are mistaken… about… a… great… many… things."

Rondo is capable of "a great many things" without question, but he's also displayed some sage Jedi mind tricks on his opponents at times as well.  Check out the video evidence from last night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.  This is just one of the many slick maneuvers that Rajon Rondo has in his bag of tricks to use to his advantage. Watch as he senses Russell Westbrook losing balance, and uses it to his advantage to lure the official to blow the whistle.


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  • Even better, he kept the dribble. Just in case. Options, Rajon, options.

  • G4L

    Chris Paul is the best at this in the NBA. He got Rondo a few times.. maybe thats where he picked it up.

  • Jake

    I love Rondo’s game, but this type of play kinda gets on my nerves. One should beat his opponent based on basketball skill alone, not overdone theatrics. I don’t see how this is any different that flopping, which is in my opinion, one of the most annoying aspects of the modern game.

  • loscyfan

    I don’t see why it is any different then PP drawing a fowl with an upfake or BBD cleverly setting up a charging fowl.
    By the way, anybody know how I can get the Celtics games on an internet streaming audio signal? I can listen but not watch, and prefer the radio announcers to the TV commentary.

  • I think has a radio stream

  • JD

    Its different because Westbrook actually falls on him and fouls him. He baited him into the foul, not the refs into thinking it was a foul.