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Recap: Terrible execution in the last minute kills C’s

Dirk Nowitzki
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Dirk Nowitzki is a 7 foot shooter who has been known to knock down clutch shots.  Glen Davis is maybe 6'9" and, while he's known for his hustle and heart… he's not a big leaper or shot blocker.  

So when the Mavs had the ball with :20 left, the game tied and Big Baby switched onto him (after KG got stuck to a Tyson Chandler pick), we all knew the inevitable would happen:  Dirk shot right over the top of him…. swish… Mavs up 2. 

But the C's had another chance…. which they bungled as well.  Rajon Rondo dribbled around the perimeter as the C's missed pick after pick and ran around trying to salvage the broken play.  The end result:  a Rajon Rondo 3.  Not exactly plan A.  

They even had ANOTHER chance when Jason Terry fouled Ray Allen with 1.5 seconds left… but the C's couldn't free anyone up and the ball went to a double-teamed KG in the corner that resulted in a whole lotta nothing. 

The C's started out the game looking like a team playing in back-to-back games.  Guys were taking plays off… jumpers were short… they were lazy on D.  It resulted in a 50-40 halftime deficit.  But unlike last night, they came out strong in the 3rd quarter, and took a 67-63 league on Paul Pierce's 3.  Dallas went on a quick 7-2 run to end the quarter, though… and went into the 4th with a 1 point lead. 

Jermaine O'Neal missed the entire second half with that knee problem.  Glen Davis played most of the second half in his place… and played well.  He finished with 8 points, 3 rebounds and 3 steals.  Rajon Rondo had 11 points, 15 assists, and 5 steals.  Paul Pierce dropped 24 and 7.  KG had 18 points and 15 rebounds.  Ray Allen was off… shooting 4 of 11 and finishing with 11. 

Dirk dropped 25.  Jason Terry had 17. 

Next up:  Miami on Thursday.

Box Score

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  • BRADinLA

    Whatever, we have a depleted front court, second night of a back-to-back road trip. C’s coulda won but I’m not butt hurt over it. In fact with all that said they were within 2.

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    Why no mention of the single reason the Mavs were even in this game?? When a jumpshooting, unaggressive team like Dallas can shoot 15 fucking threes and still get a 20-7 FT advantage you knw there’s an agenda. ESPECIALLY when Bill Kennedy is one of the refs. And two of our 7 FTA’s were from technical fouls. Fouls and FT’s gave Dallas this game,not them actually winning fair and square.

  • I barely had any reaction to the officiating tonight. I didn’t think they were a factor at all.

  • JD

    A couple things:
    As BRADinLA said, this loss isn’t the end of the world, seeing as how we are missing our first three centers on the depth chart…. but its worrisome that both Shaq and JO are living up to their injury prone reputations so early in the season.
    Rondo is going to have to start scoring a little more. I only saw bits and pieces of the game, as I was watching it work, but it looks as if he is not even looking for his shot a lot of the time. When he does take a shot, it is often a forced one towards the end of the shot clock. Teams know he wants to pass the ball, so he needs to stick it to them and score. I love his unselfishness, but he needs to keep a balance between passing and shooting, or else it will ultimately hurt the team. Too much of anything is bad, and that goes for passing too.

  • Nora

    How can you not with a huge FT disadvantage like that? Are you kidding. You need to replace Dirk’s photo with the refs

  • Nora


  • The Celtics had a late lead that they couldn’t hold onto. They were passive in the first half. Did the refs miss some calls? Sure. They missed some on Dallas’ end too.
    The C’s lost the game because they were crappy in the first half and they blew it in the last minute of the game. They had chances to win it on their own.

  • Nora

    Sorry but a game this close and Celtics having a totaL OF 7 fts is beyond ridiculous. Refs missed alot more then a few on the C’s side I would say

  • nick

    Tough tough loss but we all knew coming into this season that the 2nd night of back to backs were going to be this teams biggest weakness. As our bench gets in more of a rythm and Delonte returns, we will begin to fix those issues. But ya I saw way too much of Glen covering Pau 4 my likeing. Bottom line of this game is that K.G and Rondo looked absolutely gassed, these 2 off-days are huge and after we put it on Miami again, will ne1 really give a fuck about Dallas? The Lakers…..Fuck them they play in the J.V as far as im concerned.

  • Lee in Oregon

    They could have easily won….how does KG miss that lay-up? Or not dunk it? That would have at least meant over-time. Anyways, they cant win all the close games.
    Barrea was big, and Dirk was tough at the end. This should make them hungrier for Thursday nite.

  • Nora

    Because he was fouled and surprise it was not called.

  • Yeah, he was fouled there and they didn’t call it. And then Dirk was fouled down the other end and they didn’t call it there either.. except Dirk laid it in.
    I’m sorry… pinning the loss on the refs tonight means people are overlooking some really terrible play by the C’s. That’s my bottom line. If the C’s played well for more of the game, they would have won.

  • jj

    Muahahahaha! Good game, C’s almost had late in the 4th. Dirk really could not miss at all. He had a game.

  • Dylan

    I was at the game tonight and I will agree the FTs were the issue. But not in the same way that has been addressed here.
    For once, I actually thought the refs were alright. But while Boston was making a surge in the 3rd quarter, stupid fouls–hand checks by KG mostly–got the Mavs to the line in the 3rd early and often. There’s no better way to slow a run than get to the free throw line every trip down the court. Any flow the Celtics had was killed by seven separate trips to the line in the quarter alone.
    That being said, we still almost won. I really thought Doc was going to dial up a 3 for Ray late. Too bad the guys couldn’t execute. Bring on some rest and the Heat.

  • greenbeand

    danny needs another rabbit from his ass and move ray allen to 6th man. he would be lethal there and less wear/tear. right now we need a #2 who gets points in the paint. monte ellis anyone?

  • BRADinLA

    I wish KG would’ve jogged over to Rick Carlisle at some point and called him a cancer patient. That would’ve made my year.

  • BRADinLA

    There’s no way Danny’s breaking up the big three, even if just by putting one of them on the bench. Will never happen.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Ya know, a few days ago there was an article on this blog about the class of Boston fans, which I thought was major BS. However, I’m glad to see this post as it clearly demonstrates the class of Boston fans, as well as proving my point.

  • BRADinLA

    It was joke. Chill. And even if I’m a classless bastard I don’t represent everyone else here so don’t sling mud on “Boston fans” because one man doesn’t represent everyone. I live in LA and Lakers fans say far worse, trust me.

  • BRADinLA

    Also, it’s 17-11. Get it right.

  • Nora

    The difference is 7 FT for Celtics and 20 for Dallas. Don’t give me they were missed on both sides because they missed a ton more on the C’s and that is alot of pts that C’s could have gotten and considering the score it made some difference is all I am saying. This is not even at all!
    We could also say C’s did not play perfectly and neither did Dallas.

  • Nora

    Yes because trolls like you are so full of class. Laker fan I bet

  • Nora

    All we need is C’s injured players to get healthy

  • Nora

    Another thing C’s had more points in the paint and still had only 7 FTs sorry to be harping on this but the discrepency ridiculous imo

  • larry


  • stan

    Ya know, constantly trolling on an opposing team’s fan blog and taunting them is not a classy act. However, I’m glad you made this post as it clearly demonstrates the class of Lakers fans, as well as proving my point.