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Jermaine had a knee procedure

Jermaine and baby block


Jermaine O'Neal said he plans to play against the Mavericks, but his bothersome left knee may keep him out of the lineup.

He told following Boston's 92-83 win over Oklahoma City that he recently had a "minor procedure" performed on the knee.

"It's just one of those situations, you're going to be banged up," O'Neal said.

Even after the procedure, O'Neal said the knee is still in a lot of pain.

"That's why I'm looking forward to just making it through this next game," O'Neal told "After Dallas, we got a few days in between before we play Miami [on Thursday]. That'll do my knee a lot of good."

The procedure was minor enough to not cost him significant time… which is nice.  But I can't help thinking that this guy is made of paper mache'.  He's got a million things bugging him.  He still seems able to defend and block shots… which is all we want him to do.  And if he can keep doing that, then I'm happy with him.  But I don't want this guy to fall apart on us either.

Thank God Semih Erden has progressed the way he has.  I know we can't rely on him for a ton… but we can at least throw him out there without too much trepidation.  

Depth is a great thing, huh?

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  • Erden is the player POB wishes he was. So far I like him.

  • hey sorry i dont contribute much. I did watch this game though. Rondo DESTROYED westbrook in the first half. and somehow got frustrated or w/e and allowed westbrook to score 9 points in a roll and have 4 steals in the third… mostly from Rondo. I was so mad cuz i just wanted rondo to go right back at him… take the game over rondo! instead he had one more assist and 2 (or 4?) points for the remainder of the game and missed two free throws. I’m very very disappointed. I know its a R.S. game but rondo needs to score more and show those guys why he, and not them is the best pg in the game.
    Semih looked good out there with the second unit… esp with baby taking jumpers on the top of the key and he just battling under the basket for rebounds. and he can prolly give perk free throw lessons.
    J.O played well for a guy with so many nagging injuries.
    BTW are you guys gonna start doing game previews/predication this year? I liked those from last year

  • Lee in Oregon

    Semih’d dad played “Lurch” in the movie “The Longest Yard”?
    Semih’s already proven he can play in this league. He has good hands, good footwork, and has good basketball fundementals. Dallas has a big team, he’ll see more action tonite.

  • jared

    Impressed thus far with they guy, still not sure where his ceiling is yet. High I hope.